Beauty Product Reviews

For perfect brows

A friend of mine bought me 'brow zings' as a Secret Santa gift, and I love him for it! It's a nice, light wax that sculpts my light brown brows perfectly. It doesn't feel sticky like I thought it would and lasts all day. I used to fill my eyebrows in with an eyeshadow, but since trying this I would never go back back. There is no fallout and I get great precision. Would certainly recommend! Thanks Benefit! X

Certainly sexy!

I received this fragrance as a gift, along with the body lotion and will definately be buying it again! Good for day wear and a night out, both products smell sweet and sexy and once on it is long lasting - everything Victoria Secret should be....!

Katy Perry collection rocks!

I love Katy Perry and I loved this collection! My favourite is 'Teenage Dream'. Whenever I wear it I get complemented on my nails and often my clients pick it as their choice of polish. I've just ran out so need to get some more quick!

Unconditional love for conditioner!

I love this product! I've been using it for many years as like many I dye my hair blonde. I use it about once a fortnight and when I apply it I put a shower cap on then a towel on top and leave it for around half an hour. The towel helps create a little heat and leave heat looked in which makes the product work deeper (Many hairdressers have told me this). It leaves my hair feeling lovely and shiny and the smell is amazing and lingers!

It works even better if you use a clarifying shampoo first which removes all product from your hair and any build up you may have.

The down side is this product is not available in Australia where I am currently living. A friend of mine has sent me over a travel sized bottle which I am using sparingly! Aussie please introduce youself to THE AUSSIES - I would love to be able to buy it here!!!