Beauty Product Reviews

had to return

i bought this because i heard all this great stuff about umbrian clay, and i ended up returning it. i didn't give it much of a chance, but the few times that i used it, it didn't really moisturize at all and was terrible under makeup. my skin didn't like it one bit! what i would recommend is the umbrian clay face bar!


i was pleasantly surprised the first time i used it! this cleanser does have a calming effect and it cleanses very well too, it took off all my makeup even the mascara (non waterproof). i love that it is foamy too. overall it is very gentle but effective as well.

i like it

i love this lotion because it does absorb fast like it says and feels good on my skin. i have combination skin, and this is a pretty light moisturizer which i like. i wouldn't recommend it if you have dry skin, because it doesn't really do anything for dry spots if i have them. overall it is a good moisturizer! sadly, aveeno does test on animals (which surprised me because they are an all-natural brand) so i probably wont buy more :/

great mask

this product is wonderful! i have sensitive, break-out prone skin and i use it as a mask for about 5 min every day. it calms my skin, keeps zits away, and makes my pores look smaller. its pretty pricey, but mine has lasted for months so i think it is well worth it. the only downside is that it tends to break and crumble, which is frustrating but only a minor setback :)


its so sparkly! you will not be disappointed. it is an awesome touch for going out and looks really pretty on. i wouldn't use it for the daytime but its not so intense that you couldn't wear it during the day. its also very easy to apply and precise like it says.


i love this stuff, it looks so pretty on and is great for using as a blush too. plus, the leopard print is cute and makes me happy when i am using it :)

very good

i am a powder foundation type of girl, and this is one of the best ones i have found so far, especially for the price. it gives good coverage, doesn't clog pores, lasts all day, and they always have it at the grocery store! plus the spf is a great addition. i think it does its job quite well.