Too Faced

Deluxe Pink Leopard Bronzer


Elise M.
So cute!!!

I do love this product and bought it as soon as I saw it in the store, but I wouldn't use it as a bronzer or a blush. It looks best as an eyeshadow, that's how I use it. Hope this was helpful

Diane H.

I absolutly adore this product. I am a pretty fair skinned gal, and this stuff is perfect to add to the cheeks for the right amount of healthy looking glow. Not too shimmery and not too dark, somehow it just knows where it should look pink and where it should be a little more bronze looking. Definetly worth a try if your thinking about adding it to your make up collection.

Kelsey S.

I love this! I can use it on my fair skin and not look clownish! There's just enough bronzer and shimmer to make a perfect glow all year round. It's fantastic as a highlighter on my cheeks or brow bone! It's my favorite!

Vanessa G.
Perfect Balance of Pink and Bronze

I love that I can wear this all year long. It is the perfect balance between pink and bronze. I always get complimented on how well it contours and just looks very natural due to the differing shades. Will definitely buy another one when mine is out (Which is soon!!)

Jamie H.

I had this product in a set and used the entire thing so the larger size is great. The bronzed/ blush/ highlighter is beautiful on fair skin tones to add color and a glow to the skin. It looks amazing in photographs too!

Jennifer  H.
Pretty glow

I have fair skin and this bronzer is light and shimmery and looks great even in the winter especially as a highlighter on cheeks. It gives a pretty glow to my cheeks and brightens under my eyes.

Alba T.

The color is really pretty but is not great on my skin. It would be great on lighter skin because it gives you a very natural glow. I do love the leopard print though.

Helen M.

I dont like this as a bronzer..... but it is an AMAZING highlighter!!! It highlights you face very nicely! If you dont like it as a highlighter or bronzer... then use it as an eyeshadow. This is a universal product!

Violet D.
Bets bronzer I have ever owned!

The reason why I love this little dazzling powder is because it stays on for hours and hours...its gives a pinky glow as well as a bronzer all in one.Now tell me how cool is that?Chances of finding something like this item is hard.Its girly cute looking and does the job flawlessly!Thumbs up and claws up.Grrrr two face rocks :)

Kelsey S.

i love this stuff, it looks so pretty on and is great for using as a blush too. plus, the leopard print is cute and makes me happy when i am using it :)