Beauty Product Reviews

Works but I've used better

I got this as a mini with my naked palette. TO be honest, I prefer using my MAC paint pot. It sticks better and it's waaaaaay cheaper. Plus, I've had my paint pot for several months and I've barely made a dent. I don't know for sure but I think my Paint Pot will last WAY longer (and I think it still would even if I had a full size). It definitely works but personally, I think paint pots (I use painterly so it's nude) work better.

Pretty but Not Worth It

I bought a navy shatter a while ago and as soon as I opened it, it was SUPER clumpy. I called to see if I could return in. After TONS of calls to OPI, they finally called back and sent me a replacement polish. Much better. It definitely shatters but the polish is pretty sheer so it turns out more royal blue then navy. Usually with sheer polishes you add more coats but that doesn't really work with shatter. I applied it about 2 days ago and it's already half worn off. I apply base coat AND top coat and I NEVER have this issue. I'm disappointed. It's pretty but it wasn't worth the $10 and then all the effort to actually get a working on.

Amazing and worth every penny!

The only high end product I had was my mac paint pot for priming my eyes. I saw this at ulta and couldn't resist. I have slightly odd colouring but every single colour looks good on me. They're all super flattering and even though they're all neutrals, there's such a wide variety that you can make TONS of different looks. The pigmentation is amazing and they last until you take them off. I would definitely recommend this product!

Disappointing. =[

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I did a video review of this product but I thought I&#39;d type it out as well. Pigmentation: Not great. The brighter side was alright but the lighter colour had NO pigmentation. Blending: It is smooth and easy to work with after it&#39;s applied. Texture: Greasy Longevity: Lasts maybe 30 minutes alone and about 1 hour if set with powder blush. True to package: Neither of the colours showed up as they appeared. Also, the packaging is deceiving. There isn&#39;t as much product as it appears to have.