Beauty Product Reviews

I received their new shades for Spring 2012 from their MVP giveaway. And I am actually blown away by it. They are seriously one coat swipe, and the drying isn't super fast, but faster than a polish would normally be, especially after so many coats.

This eyeliner glides on easily, and a nice creamy black color.

Despite it stating it is waterproof, there are times when the darn thing will smudge up on the lower lash line. You will have to do continuous touch up here and there.

The smudger on it, is rather stiff like. If you try to smudge out the eyeliner, it either ends up removing most of the eyeliner, or doesn't smudge at all.

You have better luck spending your $8-9 on another eyeliner than this, unless you don't mind touch-ups.

I picked up two of these in blue jeans and silver green. The picture is silver green. It may be an old formula, but I found them rather lacking in pigmentation, bu they did glide on nicely.