High Speed Fast Dry Nail Lacquer


Elizabeth G.
Bummed beyond belief!

I have the White on the Spot, I use it for a base for sheerer, brighter colors and I HATE it. It's thick, goopy, and SO streaky. My nails have been looking so awful lately because of it, and it's a shame because the polish was so cheap. It doesn't dry fast because it's so disgustingly thick, almost the consistency of white-out. I will not be purchasing this shade, or any other shade from this line again. Bummmed!

Emmie S.
Photo of product included with review by Emmie S.

I received their new shades for Spring 2012 from their MVP giveaway. And I am actually blown away by it. They are seriously one coat swipe, and the drying isn't super fast, but faster than a polish would normally be, especially after so many coats.