Beauty Product Reviews


I really love the packaging, it's so simple and cute, the bottle looks like nail polish.. i got this in the sets of feelin' cheeky, they are come with posie tint, bene tint and high beam.. over all the three products, my favourite are the high beam! it is the most great highlighter, it's give a very luminescent complexion of glowing looks


I really like this product for a low-key natural flush to my cheeks. However, on my lips, it's a different story. I do have dry lips, but when I exfoliate them, any color stays on and goes on smoothly. Benetint didn't exactly stay on except for in my lip lines and wrinkles. It's still a gorgeous color thou, but I wish it'd stay on longer on my lips than making my lines and wrinkles pop out. I'd still purchase this, so I can experiment more with my lips. Am I doing something wrong?