Beauty Product Reviews

Smooth's Skin for Perfect Foundation Application.

I use this EVERYDAY. It is silicone based so It fills in and smooths out texture, large pores, fine lines etc... You want to first apply moisturizer (let that sink in for a few minutes) THEN...the primer. You don't need to apply it all over face. I usually apply it on my Cheeks, Nose, T-Zone area. (A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY, I use about 1/2 a pump) Also...another tip is to let this dry COMPLETELY. If you apply your foundation immediately it will not work. You have to let it dry down and you will see how easily your foundation glides on and it make's your skin look like Dollskin!!! <3

Glides on like Butter, Stay's all Day!

I LOVE BLACKTRACK FLUIDLINE....I have Several different eyeliners (from pencils to liquids) But, I tend to come back to this product. It's great for makeup artists because you can scoop a bit out and it is very easy to be sanitary with this product...not only that but it double's as a black base when doing a smoky eye. Also, what I love about Fluidline is that It doesn't dry down superquick (like some liquid liners) So, it give's you time to get your liner perfect. Also comes in different colors! LOVE <3

Nice Curl...

I just had to have this when I saw it online on It gave a super nice curl and I loved it! The only problem is it doesn't come with an extra pad to change out after the old one get's dull. SOoo....Although this product is GREAT, I don't see myself purchasing again. * I bought a MAC one instead and for half the price you get the SAME results!

Perfect Peachy Pink!

This blush is fabulous on almost every skintone. It is a perfect in-between blush when you need one that will go with almost anything! Perfect Combination of Pink and Peach. Hand's Down one of my MUST HAVE Shades!

sheer & radiant!

I Love this product. Looks great over any foundation. Give's a sheer and radiant sheen to the skin. I like that it is light enough to touch up throughout the day.

*QUICK TIP...I love using Dark or Deep Dark as Bronzer. Looks SOOOOO Natural (without all that sparkle during the day) If I am going out I simply add a shimmer on top of the bronzer! ( Mineralized Powder in GOLD DEPOSIT is good for that)

Great Shade MUST HAVE!

Neutral Shade is beautiful by it self or under shadows. Helps intensify and keeps shadow put all day. Also crease & waterproof. I suggest getting a skin color shade to start with. I introduced this product to my mom and she now want's ALL the shades!

Must Have!

I wear this right under the highlight as an additional crease color. It Brighten's any look! I also wear it on the lid for a super bright look :) just pack it on with a #239 Brush <3