Beauty Product Reviews

amazing, natural look!

This is amazing! I was looking for something quick and easy to put on, yet that still covers my uneven skin tone. This is perfect! It covers my skin perfectly and makes it look flawless, yet it looks like I'm not wearing anything! Also, the packaging is reallyy nice. It has a great sponge applicator in a bottom compartment with ventilation and a high quality mirror. Also, the color is great. I have relatively pale skin and when I put soft ivory on, I couldn't even see where I had it on; it was that perfect a match! Overall great product; it will definitely be one of my long term staples :)


I got this with the hopes of incredibly long lashes, and I was drawn in by the adorable concept of the packaging. I put it on and it was lumpy, but my lashes did look pretty long. The thing that made me return it was the smell. Even half an hour after I put it on I could still smell it, and it was not pleasant. The odor actually made my eyes sting. Really disappointed, because I was hoping to love it :(

can't get enough of it! BEST mascara!

I use LashBlast Waterproof Mascara, and it makes my lashes look so's ridiculous! They look so long and luscious, the first day I wore it my best friend said, "Wow, your lashes look...delicious!" :)