Beauty Product Reviews

Gotta Have it!

This base coat is like glue to nail polishes! Really easy to apply, dryes fast and stick any kind of polish to it. For me best base ever! I don't like the smell,it's really bad to my nose, but I saw any Seche products have this unpleasant smell... they work so well you forget about the smell! (sometimes)

Gotta Have it!

Seche Silk is the best product for dry nails ever! Untill I bought this amazing product I had desert on my nails/cuticules and now they're so soft and moistured, using just a tiny amount of product!


I used this product several times and it leaves my nails and even cuticles really dry, so it truly removes everything from your nails, even too much!? I need to use a good amount of Seche Silk to make my nails moistured again before appling Seche Clear.

Best powder brush evere!!!

I defnitely love this brush! ^_^ When it came to me it looked smaller than I thought... but after a couple of application it got larger and it works so smooth! I'm using a pressed powder and the finish this brush gives is flawless! I put down my Elf all over brush as well... great price for great quality! Go buy it people!

I bought this polish coz I read through the net it was the best crackle polish ever: it was the first times I used it, but there are cheaper ones that works much better. Bottle dryed out quickly and now the crackle effect looks bad.

This nail file works good at the beginning but wears out too quickly. I like step 3 and 4: smooth and polish sides makes the nails look good and shiny. It's a good file anyway, as it is a cheap one! ^_^

I have a box full of these polishes! ^_^ They're cheap, easy to apply (some of them just 1 coat), they've really good and precise brush, the range of colours is crazy and they look good for days! They work great applied alone or used for nail arts, they're really easy to wash off (I never had leftovers, not even with reds)... just LOVE THEM! ^_^