Beauty Product Reviews

Hard to master but worth it

Full disclosure, I'm still a mascara newbie. This was my second mascara product I ever used, the first was an actual pencil, this one is actually more of a gel? So it glides instead of draws so it took me a little while to get used to the change. The advantage is it stays on ALL DAY. Even when my eyeshadow fades, this sucker still hangs on keeping my eyes clinging to life. It's a great product.

I'm on my third bottle!

First of all, I want to say that I use a really nice face primer beforehand so it blends into my skin really nicely, maybe that's why I never noticed the "caked on" look other people have complained about seeing. So I would recommend using your favorite primer for this product to avoid that problem. I got this as a more affordable alternative to the true minerals powder, something for my every day foundation. It blends in perfectly with my skin, and it feels like I'm not wearing anything at all!. I unfortunately have acne prone skin with uneven splotches and my coworkers think I have a good complexion because it looks so natural! I have it double as a concealer, I use a small brush with compact bristles to use the powder on dark circles under my eyes and little acne spots and it just makes them disappear! The value is amazing. Even though I use it almost every day it lasts me for about five to six months!

Kind of gross

I take special care to make sure my face is clean which is why it was surprising that after a while the roller and the makeup looked kind of dirty! And of course there's not really a way to clean it or get a new roller so instead of putting dirty makeup on my face I just threw it away.


I use these almost every day. It don't even put on that much makeup but when I look at the wipe after I use it, it looks like I was wearing globs of it. That should give you an impression of how much it picks up! It gets everything off quickly and leaves your face feeling tingly and clean. As others have said, it does leave your skin a bit dry, but that goes with any face cleanser I've seen.

Price was intimidating but lasts a while

I've been using spackle for about a year and a half and I've only had to buy two. I honestly wouldn't have even considered it if my first one wasn't a gift, but I'm so glad that it happened. It makes my face feel clean and my foundation goes on really evenly and stays on all day!

I bought this on a whim while on a shopping spree and I don't regret it. The colors are gorgeous and they stay on for quite a while. My only complaint so far is the erotica shade is a bit too crumbly for application but other than that it's wonderful. I especially like the booklet in the box with all the different styles for complete eyemakeup novices like me!