True Match Roller


Amber J.
its like painting

I love it! I have to keep the roller handy for evening out creases on eyelids and under eyes before setting with powder but once set, its LOVELY! The colors really blend well into skin's natural tones and the product lasts forever.

Iva T.

I like the roller it gives a great tone, and unlike other foundations from l'oreal it's not orange because l'oreal's make up is mostly for cameras and it has to be a bit unnatural.All in all it's okay for sever skin damages.

Evelyn H.

This foundation was good for the winter, but now that spring is coming, i feel like my face is getting more oily because of the cream base consistency. My face is originally oily and sensitive but it was a good cream foundation in the winter.

Also, the roller didn't work as well. i felt that it didn't give me a good coverage so i had to use a foundation brush or a powder brush to stipple and brush on my face. But otherwise i would say it is good for dryer skin types, and it is good coverage if using a foundation brush.

Lisa S.
Good coverage - bad break outs

I actually really liked this product! Unlike others, I didn't have a problem with the roller, it gave me good coverage. However, I've only been using it for 4-5 days and it's the only thing I've changed in my skin care routine and my face is breaking out like crazy!!! I just threw it in the trash.

Jenna G.

the color looked super orange, and the roller never even worked. I basically ended up using sponges or brushes to apply this. Definitely regret buying this product.

The roller did feel good on your skin it just didn't apply the color very well

M H.

i really didnt like it... i actually started using a sponge or my fingers to get the product on. i even watched the L'OREAL How to Use the Roller, & even then it didnt look even. the good thing is that if you dont want to use it as a foundation, you can use it as a concealer to hide dark eye circles. even tho the roller is not one of my favorite ways to put it on, the foundation is still good & by itself isnt heavy on skin or have given me any rashes. friends that i know that have sensitive skin use this product & havent complained but if you know you have sensitive skin & want to try this product... be careful & watch for any redness or bumps.

Whiskey Y.
It's a joke

...kind of. I mean, you can work it out with, it's not hard to blend, but it's still very thick and later on gets messy and just crazy looking.

Jane H.
Kind of gross

I take special care to make sure my face is clean which is why it was surprising that after a while the roller and the makeup looked kind of dirty! And of course there's not really a way to clean it or get a new roller so instead of putting dirty makeup on my face I just threw it away.

Veronica T.

I didnt like it at all. Youre better off just buying a bottle of foundation with a brush. The application is difficult and you dont have much control. its a cute idea but doesnt work out.