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I was on the fence so long about buying this palette. When I first heard about it - I was intrigued but still wasn't sure. I carry my Naked 1 with me everywhere and just didn't think anything would come better. Well, I was totally wrong. This palette has every single shade you could use for any type of eye look - smokey, neutral, pop of color - you name it - you can most likely create it. It was the best money I spent and I am so happy. The shades are so pigmented and buttery. I have been using it to create looks every single day since I got it and haven't been able to put it down. :) My one con is that the palette can offer some fall out - but if careful, it shouldn't be a problem. Lorac - you have always stole my heart, but this time, you took that and held on tight :)

Now my fav mascara - just wished it was waterproof

I have been in love with this mascara since I first got it and I will stand by my thoughts and say it is still my favorite at this time. But - I really wish this was waterproof. I have bad allergies and so my eyes tear up a lot. Because of the formula, this mascara causes my lashes to clump up very easily. But I love that this gives me length and volume and it works well when paired with my Maybelline Plush Mascara if layered on top. I love that it really makes my lashes look like I have pretty ones - because my lashes are super small. The price point is not that bad considering I've used other mascaras that cost much more. Overall - I think this would be one of those products where you would have to try it to like it. The brush and formula can take a little to get used to using and can easily clump your lashes the first few times if you are not aware that the brush should be used a certain way :)

I haven't bought a MAC shadow since I got my hands on Inglot.

I have only had the opportunity to try out the single shadows in the freedom system and the gel eye liner. But let me just say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. I haven't bought a new MAC eyeshadow since I have been using Inglot (I know others would call me crazy). They are super pigmented and provide such awesome blending capabilities. I am so glad that my girlfriend turned me on to these - I am in love. :D

Fun and great for quick color

I am pretty well impressed with this product. It allowed me to have a really nice shade and I could blend it out with another color for a smokey effect. I just wish these were easier to find where I live... not many places stock it and I have to order it online.

One of my favorite Nail polishes

I enjoy Avon's price point (especially when they are on sale) and the color pay off is pretty good for the cost. I have owned many Avon Speed Dry polishes in the past and while I will continue to purchase them from time to time, I do find that I will have to switch out my color after a week. As a busy mom - I try to keep my colors on for at least two weeks - but considering the cost and the amount of colors they have available, I'm still very impressed. Cheaper brands or others that can be more expensive can chip within days. I love that these dry very quickly because it allows me to switch out my color often if I feel the need without an extended drying time. I wish they had more metallic shades but I'm still very happy with the selection and the product all together.

My Go-to and still my favorite Eye Primer

While I am all about saving a buck, this product is one that I will continue to buy for years to come. I have been using Too Faced Shadow Insurance for almost 4 years (I believe) and it is one of my favorites. While it is easily squeezed out of a tube, that is not the part that makes it so awesome... My eye shadows will stay for 12+ hours and stay in place. No creasing, no smudging... and while I have some pretty oily eyelids - I haven't found any problem. It's packaging is probably one of my favorite things about it... and the product on it's own... is icing on the cake. :)

Lovin' my passion fruit

I have tried most of these awesome lip balms and I have to say - I truly can't discriminate against one that I love the best... however, I am truly amazed and am loving the Passion Fruit right now. The Lemon Drop was my first and fav... but this one is so awesome. It has the best flavor and like all the rest - it leaves my lips smooth and moisturized. The one thing I do have to complain about is the packaging... as cute as it is and I do truly love it because it is pretty unique... if I ever need to take it and run and stick it in my pocket - it leaves a huge ball of a bulge. The other downfall which I just realized and found out about a week ago is that it can technically be a choking hazard. One of my twins who are 2 years old had gotten his hands on mine and proceeded to stick the entire thing in his mouth. Needless to say - I didn't allow it and stopped him, but it could have easily been wedged in there and therefore he would have choked. I never noticed it before... but now that they are so mobile - my children are into everything. Ultimately - I do love the packaging with that exception.

I have purchased EOS lip balms in the past on my own - but the Passion Fruit I am referring to as well as a few other flavors were sent to me for review by Evolution of Smooth.

I love them all...

I have my own Mineral Cosmetics Line and we do lipsticks and glosses - but I have been a Revlon Junkie for years and I have to say - I am beyond impressed with these gorgeous lip butters. They are smooth and glide on creamy and wonderful. Definitely an awesome product. The one downside, I really hate the price point. I was able to get the 8 that I own all on discount about 50% off each... so thankfully - I didn't pay full price - because I think I wouldn't have scooped them up when I did. ;)

I love Juleps Quality - and right now, I am loving Julep Maven

There is only one downfall for this beautiful collection of polishes and that is that it is pretty costly considering it seems like there is a lot less in the bottles than a regular sized polish - I might be wrong - but that is what it looks like. I love the color payoff though - I think it is awesome.

I love them

I have been using jumbo pencils for years now - thanks to some of my all time favorite gurus like Makeupgeek and Pursebuzz. I still have my favorite go-to colors like Milk and Black bean and have been really loving all the new colors to use as my base. Definitely worth the buy. ;)

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