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Simple. Shimmery.

This is a simple peppermint chap stick with some shimmery white mica in it. It's basic but pretty. Don't worry, the white mica it isn't too frosty to use for warm skin tones. (Although if you'd prefer, the lip shimmer in caramel is basically the same but with a golden shimmer instead.)

this is a natural dupe of NARS Orgasm

I'm a "white peach" in 100%'s foundations and this color was perfect. The color Mimosa is a warm, natural, soft pink that makes me look like I'm actually blushing. It also has some gentle shimmer which I LOVE.

The color and shimmer aren't over powering or super obvious.They are more of a "subtly pretty" but the results absolutely worth the price. This is basically a natural dupe of NARS Orgasm.

More information + swatches here:

so good

I get the occasional (but huge) acne spot from stress and this clears it up within days while making the redness disappear within the first day.

It smells a little strongly and burns on application, but it works so well!

like a lotion

This felt like putting lotion on my face that wouldn't wash off. Which *is* the purpose of this cleanser and was why I bought it but I just can't make myself like this stuff. :(

+ You won't need a moisturizer after using this. + FANTASTIC ingredients. This has no "fillers" and the formula is very concentrated. + Washed off all of my makeup. (But nothing I use is waterproof anyway)

- Left my face feeling greasy in most places but somehow I still had slight flakiness in others. - During the evening I could *feel* it still on my face. I was hoping the greasy feeling would go away after a few hours but I just felt dirty even through the next day (and I've used pure coconut oil before as a moisturizer and it didn't bother me). :( - I don't like the smell, but that's just a personal quirk I guess.

I can't comment on the brightening because I didn't use it for long enough. Maybe someone else will have better luck than I did with this!

Smelles Heavenly

First off, this product smells heavenly. Who wouldn't want their feet to smell like fresh peppermint candy?

But it just wasn't moisturizing. My feet were still a little dry and not very soft feeling after and during the application. Even with continuous use I didn't see any improvement.

Three stars just for the fantastic smell.

shimmery and pretty

This is a *very* thin and light weight moisturizer with shimmering mica. It's perfect for summer because it isn't heavy and leaves behind a subtle shimmer that looks gorgeous in the sunlight.

+ Pretty shimmer + Notable skin improvement after continuous use + Light weight and breathable + Subtle scent that fades quickly

- Watery - Not very moisturizing

Great tinted moisturizer!

Yes this is a little watery and sheer, but you shouldn't be expecting something thick and extra pigmented from a tinted moisturizer.

I love the dewyness, the spf, how light weight it is, and that it has just enough tint to blur imperfections.

Gently pigmented chapstick with modest moisturizing properties

This is a review for Yes to Carrot's new lip tints.

I've tried 2 of the 3 colors and I really like them. The colors are very subtle and natural looking, but they aren't buildable for a stronger color. These hues work well with warm skin tones and the color lasts about three hours before needing to reapply. Think of these as a natural version of Baby Lips.

Compared to the more popular natural lip tints from Burt's Bees: - These offer less color oomph. - These lack shimmer. - These are little less moisturizing. + These have better hues for warm skin tones. + These last a little longer.

best natural tinted lipbalm

For color pay off, this is the best natural tinted lipbalm I've tried.

But sadly I still haven't been able to find the right color for me (I'm currently blonde with very warm undertones. Everything looks too cool on me. Does anyone with a similar coloring have a tint suggestion for me?)

my HG mascara

This made my eyelashes look fake. And I mean that in the best possible way. Perfectly long, black, and clump free. I love this mascara and probably won't be looking for another kind.

I do love this mascara, but it isn't without flaws. It doesn't have much staying power, so unless you are very careful it can end up under or in your eyes by the end of the day.

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