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Arthritis Pain Approved

I originally bought the fragrance free for myself about six months ago (from a different retailer) but returned but I could not get over the cannabis scent (just me?). Fast forward and my nearly 65 year old dad has been having some really bad arthritis pain in his hands and knees lately so I bought this for him to see if it would help and it does, he loves it. He's also used it on his hips and said it helps a little for that but is amazing for his hands and knees. I'm considering "borrowing" it to see if it'll help with my arthritis in my feet/ankles since it works so well for him. I think it's going to be a staple in my household now!

I received a sample of this in a past Sisley Beauty Subscription and my goodness it is the best mascara I have ever tried out of the many I've used in my lifetime. I have fairly short lashes that do not hold a curl very well but the wand on this mascara is magical and coats every single lash and holds the curl. A lot of plastic spiky wands poke me but this one does not. It's not a crazy volume mascara but it does add some natural looking volume and gives the most beautiful wispy look to the lashes. I never thought I'd be willing to spend so much on a mascara but literally nothing else compares for me and I will be purchasing once I run out of my other mascaras. Cannot recommend enough!

Holy Grail Product For Me!

This is the best lightweight daytime balm/chapstick out there for dry lips. I have perpetually chapped lips and have tried a myriad of products but nothing is quite this lightweight while still being super effective. I cannot live without this and recommend it to anyone that asks me what my favorite lip balm is (I love the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask for a thicker formula/night). I actually lost the first one I purchased around Christmas and kept trying to find a replacement while it was out of stock on Beautylish, I even tried the other Bioderma balm in the squeeze tube which I would NOT recommend. Nothing else compares for me so I bought two when it came back in stock just incase I loose another one.

Not For Me

I know this is a very beloved product but it just did not work for me at all. I have very dry skin but my under eye concealer creases really bad (I use very emollient/thick eye cream) so I bought this hoping to set my concealer and keep from creasing. Unfortunately it did not prevent any creasing and aged my under eye area about 20 was not cute. It just made me look so dry and cakey so unfortunately this is not the under eye powder for me. I can see how it would be great for oily skin though but talc is not my friend.

Gets The Job Done

I have dry skin so I thought I'd give the Hydrabio a shot and it doesn't seem to leave my skin feeling any different (ie more hydrated) than the Sensibio but it still works perfectly well. If you're trying to decide which version to get just go with your gut, neither are that different in my opinion and I have dry, sensitive skin if that helps at all.

Simply The Best

Hands down my favorite eyeshadow palette that I own. I went for the Star Palette since the colors in this one are the most "wearable" to me as I don't tend to wear bright colors very often. The pigmentation is excellent and super easy to build and blend. I don't find the palette very dusty or having a lot of fallout but I only pat my brush in the pan once or twice (do not swirl you brush if you don't want to have fallout). With the glittery shades I would highly recommend a glitter glue and using your finger. There are a few shades to me that are a little too similar to warrant both being in the palette (Spectrum & Cosmo) but overall I love the shade selection and basically everything about this palette. Would highly recommend this if you're wanting to buy a larger ND palette and want one with a lot of wearable shades (but still a few exciting ones as well).

Great Pigmentation & Easy To Blend

I received the Palette 13 in my 2018 Beautylish Lucky Bag and have been loving it so far. I also currently own the Star Palette so I knew what to expect as far as quality and such but these 5 pan palettes are a great way to get your toes wet with the formula and see if you like it. I'm not normally one who is obsessed with high pigment eyeshadows because they can be hard to blend but ND eyeshadows manage to be super pigmented but still incredibly easy to blend which is super important with such bright and bold colors. I wasn't sure how much I would like the shades in Palette 13 but once I got them on I actually really liked it and I think it would be a good one to try since it has a nice balance of textures. Definitely worth a try if you really want to try ND eyeshadows without the commitment of one of the larger palettes.

Super Soft & Great For Highlight

I received this brush in my 2018 Beutylish Lucky Bag and I love it! I've only had mine for less than a month at this point but I have not had any shedding like a lot of the other reviewers have. The shape of this screams highlight or contour to me, not blush because I don't think the shape is well suited for blush (seems like it would deposit a lot of color in one spot and not diffuse well). I use mine for highlight and have been loving the way it applies product. Not too much but not too little and I haven't had any blending issues. Based off of how much I like this brush I am now considering a few other Wayne Goss brushes!

Glow Without The Glitter

I received Set 2 in my 2018 Beautylish Lucky Bag and loved it so much that I went and bought Set 1 from Jouer since it was on sale there. These highlighters have quickly become my favorite powder highlight formula because they are so reflective and metallic but are not glittery in the slightest which is something I hate in highlighters. My only gripe, and why I took one star off, is because I don't think the color combos were the most well thought out. To me it would of been more logical to group them based off of what shades work best for fair to light skin tones (Ice, Citrine and Rose Quartz) and what shades work best for medium to deep skin tones (Topaz, Skinny Dip and Rose Gold). I personally just find the sets problematic for skin tones on opposite ends of the spectrum because I'm too pale for Topaz & Skinny Dip and I imagine someone with deeper skin would have difficulty wearing Ice, Rose Quarts and Citrine since they're so frosty. I also wish they would just add Ice as a full size to the regular collection because it is my favorite and I wish I could have a full size version of it! Still great highlighters that I would highly recommend but you'll probably only be able to wear all three shades from either set if you have a medium skin tone.

Did Not Work For Me

Before you get any further reading my review know that I received this as part of my 2018 Beautylish Lucky Bag so I did not pick it out. I don't get eye bags/puffiness very often so I knew I wouldn't see any results there but I do have a ton of darkness on my inner corners and under my eyes so I was hoping it would help with that but it just does not do a darn thing for me. I've tried it enough times at this point with zero result to say that I am officially giving up on this product for my personal use. I might see if a friend of family member wants to try it out but I just didn't find it that effective for just dark circles. I am 28 years old though and I have really good skin (if I do say so myself) so this isn't the kind of product I would naturally try anyways. Still wanted to give it a review though so if anybody else that just has dark circles was thinking of trying it, I would steer clear.

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