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Mar 30, 2013

Rosa B.

Hey Linda! I just watched all your tutorials but I have a big problem! I don't know what products to use for my hair.. This is my hair. It's blonde, and very flat. All the products I use leave my hair greasy! I need your help.

May 02, 2013

Linda M.

Hey Luv!! How would you like to style your hair, what type of products are you looking for or do you prefer to use? Try Crew Pomade, Its great for buns curls and to reduce frizz! As well as works great to add shine and hold a style in place =) Let Me Know What You Think Luv, You Can Get Crew Pomade @ Target

Mar 02, 2013

Ivette H.

Hello Linda, I've watched your tutorials & there amazing! So helpfull :) I am hoping you can help me with a problem I'm having with my hair. It falls out a lot. This started after having my daughter almost 6 years ago. I trim it often, went to the dr for blood work, take vitamins and tried all kinds of hair products. (Even home remedies) Nothing seems to help. Is there any thing you can suggest. I hope you have the oppurtunity to read and respond. Thank you so much and have a great day (-:

May 02, 2013

Linda M.

Hey Ivette! I hope you are having a great day! I'm so sorry I'm responding so Late :/ I Highly suggest you use a fortifying shampoo as well as some sort of short product therapy, Check out this link for this Awesome hair capsules
Fortifying Shampoo That I LoVEE!!
they help you strengthen and grow your hair, remember to constantly brush!! its very important Luv =)

Feb 11, 2013

Francy V.

Hey Linda, I'm learning so much from your wonderful tutorials!! You are such an inspiration to me... Thanx a lot!! I just wanted to ask you one thing... I really love the hairstyle of Marina and the Diamonds in the video "Primadonna", with volume (which is hart to have for me because my hair is super straight!) and waves... can you help me recreating it? :D Thank you and have a beautiful day!! :D

Feb 12, 2013

Linda M.

Hey Girly!!
I love this style and will deffinetly have an upcoming tutorial for you!! I know you got down the basics from the Super Cute Pic You Posted on my Curling with the flat iron episode so you deff got the base down so for this tutorial It will be much easier for me to let you know in which possition to curl, because for this hairstyle it has a lot to do with flat iron placements then a little bit of teasing and final touches will set you up for the same look :)Thank You So much Francy for the Idea! You are My #1 Girly!! Please follow me on Instagram as I am having a free give away of some samples that I got @ IMATS and I would Love to send some over to you!!

Linda M.

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