Beauty Product Reviews

I have most of these

I love love love poison plum! I recently purchased the sweetheart pallet and poison plum, buttercupcake, and bulletproof! Truly the most easy eyeshadows to blend! You don't have to use "a lot" to get them vivid and bright! Truly amazing eyeshadows! Amy is a sweet person and a true makeup icon! Love Sugarpill Cosmetics!!!

Have almost all of these!

Sugarpill cosmetics are seriously my absolute favorite eyeshadows atm... I recently purchased almost the entire line! I just can't say enough great things about these amazingly pigmented products! I have pretty much used them daily since got them! Truly fabulous!!! <3

Love these!

I adore these pallets! I have several different ones! My only complaint on the purple one is the fabulously bright purple color doesn't "stay" it is such a pretty color but it just doesn't vivid all day! Other than that the colors blend and are fab! I am madly in love with the green pallet!

I have multiple of these!

I really really have enjoyed these eyeshadows! I purchased several of these different compacts! They go on smooth and don't crease. You can make them very muted or a bit more intense. They don't "pile" on... they blend really nicely!

I just recently started using a foundation primer! I found this one at the local department store and it was reasonably priced (which for me as a student is very important). I was pleasantly surprised to see how it made my foundation feel smooth and soft all day long! I was pleased with this product!

Inexpensive and Good

I really love these eyeshadow brushes! They really blend well and work nicely. I was very shocked to find them in the local Dollar store for just $1.00! These brushes were some of the first eyeshadow brushes I had purchased. Definitely worth the dollar... I have 10 of them :)


I love using NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk as an eyeshadow base. It doesn't crease or crack throughout the day. I makes any pigment more true to it's color. It isn't thick or cakey on the eye! I highly recommend these eyeshadow pencils. I look forward to trying more colors!