Beauty Product Reviews

Great for blow drying

This is a good product to apply on damp hair before blow drying. It keeps hair silky and moisturized. I also apply it after my hair is drying in between flat ironing sections. After I flat iron a section I apply a layer of this and it keeps fly-aways down. It is not a heavy oil so it can even be applied daily to your ends.


I purchased this after I saw it on Nicki. Its a gorgeous color, but beware, you have to adjust it to your skin color. On Nicki it looks great, but on my lighter skin it doesn't look as good if I apply it at full color. It is a light color so light on light look horrible. I have to dap it on until I cover all of my lip, this way I only apply a thin layer. But once I do that the color is gorg! I have it on in my profile pic.