Beauty Product Reviews

miracle product!

The shop lady roped me in on this one. one time when all I went in to buy was a refill of my Lemony Flutter. She asked if me and my friends wanted a free hand scrub. of course we did! so first thing she had us do was slather our hands with Lemony Flutter without really rubbing it in too much. Then we used the Ocean Salt, rubbing it all over our hands for a few minutes. then rinse! She put Dream Cream on our hands after that step but you could honestly use whatever your favorite ultra moisturizing hand cream of the moment is. I was so blown away by this scrub I had to get some Ocean Salt!!!! My hands were softer that day than I can honestly say they ever were before in my entire life. Nothing beats the Lemony Flutter/Ocean Salt combo! and the same scrub process also works wonders on my feet. I now do this to my hands and feet a couple times a week and I feel so pampered everytime I do, my hands and feet have never been so soft!

unpopular opinion

I actually hate this product. It smears and runs worse than any other eyeliner on me! Of course this can probably be fixed by setting it with a similar colored eyeshadow but for how much it costs you shouldn't need to go through such a hassle. MAC Technakohl is much nicer and cheaper! One color I would reccomend if you can get your hands on it is Whiskey. I'm pretty sure it's not permanent but it usually comes out with palettes or value sets. It is a beautiful shade of brown. I don't even generally like brown eyeliner but this one is just gorgeous on! It looks really soft and natural with a neutral look versus wearing a black eyeliner.