Beauty Product Reviews

One of my favorite mascaras...hands down!!

I am literally in love with this mascara. It has quickly become a huge favorite for me, and I have tried MANY mascaras. My lashes are pretty long but they're not as thick as I would like them to be, so this mascara proved to be a great everyday option for me, and will be for people with my eyelash type. For those with thinner or shorter lashes, it would work as a great night time mascara. The brush is pretty huge, which made me think that it wouldn't be able to coat each individual lash, but the spiral fibers around it ensure that it does. My lashes are instantly fuller and longer with absolutely no clumps. It gives me a very natural look, with a little bit of sultriness due to the darkness of it, as well as how much volume. I will say however, that if you are looking for a mega lengthening mascara, this may not be the best option for you, as I find that it is more of a voluminizing and thickening mascara than a lengthening mascara, but it still lengthens very well, and is an overall great pick.

Amazing multipurpose product from MAC

This product is one of those products that are a must have for everyone's makeup collections. They're such a multipurpose product with amazing pigmentation and long wear. They work great as eyeshadow bases over a primer to allow the colors placed on top to pop and to help colors stick better. One can also use these on their own when using a color like Rubenesque, which is a lovely peachy gold shade, for a quick neutral eye look that provides a stunning result. Depending on the color, they can be used as highlighters, a lip base, etc, this product is just amazing in general. The formulation is generally great, coming in a very creamy and smooth consistency that don't usually tug on the eye, but rather glide on and stay on. However, having said that, there are some colors that do not have as great of pigmentation, and can be a bit harder to work with, and have a tendency to crease easier, but for the most part I think these are fantastic. My Constructivist paint pot I've had for almost a year and it's still going strong, so in terms of drying out, when well stored and taken care of, it shouldn't be a big deal for the price. Amazing product.

Really great eyeliner!

I thought this eyeliner was truly absolutely fabulous! It was a beautiful inky black, and the gel liner was lovely to work with. It had a good amount of time to smudge and move about before it sets, so you don't have to rush to work with it. However when it does set, it absolutely is not going anywhere. It sets wonderfully on the waterline without smudging or dropping down. However, it is a gel liner, and as all gel liners, they dry out. This liner in particular is better than the MAC fluidline in terms of durability, but as it is more expensive, it is only expected. My gel liner in particular lasted me about 3 months before I had to replace it, which is pretty great, but considering how much product was left in the jar, a great dupe would be the Maybelline gel liner for the same effect, durability, and for a lot cheaper. Although a great thing is of course the fact that a lot of the ingredients used are natural, which you can't get elsewhere. But overall, an absolutely fantastic liner to work with!