EmphasEYES Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner

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Cyndal W.

This is absolutely the best gel liner for beginners. This was my first one I ever tried and I've been hooked since. It comes in a duo pack with the brush and a brief description on the side on how to apply. It is very affordable and worth the money.

Xoe E.
Applies beautifully,doesn't stay.

I picked one up at Sephora and gave it a try. It has a VERY creamy texture,almost like liquid when first applied. However, it doesn't keep its promise on the 'waterproof' part. I find that it smudges very bad at the sides of my eyes (near the winged part) and under my lashline. I don't sweat much and don't have an oily skin type,so I know it's a problem with the liner. Other than smudging I had no other issues with the product.

Alli Rose G.
A Love Affair Ended Too Soon!

This is great, when you first buy it... It applies like butter. It's very black. I could do perfect winged liner with it. It isn't waterproof though. It doesn't hold on my waterline at all. It washes off if you swatch it on your hand and run water over it. If you have watery eyes it'll smear. So I'd say this is not for someone with allergies! This costs me $22 and it dried out in less than 4 months!! There was still about a quarter of liner in the pot. I would try to apply it and it would flake. It wouldn't even mix with any liner serums properly. I feel like the price was too expensive for how fast it dried out and that it isn't truly waterproof.

Nicole A.
MAC who lol

I picked this up yesterday along with my naked basics pallet at ULTA, Ive been wanting to try it for quite some time now. My ONLY regret is waiting so long to get it. I am in love with this liner and the brush that comes with it. It stays on like a dream, it does not budge at all even in my water line, and I have super watery eyes. I only hope they come out with a broad color line like Inglot I would be in heaven(:

Gaby P.
Really great eyeliner!

I thought this eyeliner was truly absolutely fabulous! It was a beautiful inky black, and the gel liner was lovely to work with. It had a good amount of time to smudge and move about before it sets, so you don't have to rush to work with it. However when it does set, it absolutely is not going anywhere. It sets wonderfully on the waterline without smudging or dropping down. However, it is a gel liner, and as all gel liners, they dry out. This liner in particular is better than the MAC fluidline in terms of durability, but as it is more expensive, it is only expected. My gel liner in particular lasted me about 3 months before I had to replace it, which is pretty great, but considering how much product was left in the jar, a great dupe would be the Maybelline gel liner for the same effect, durability, and for a lot cheaper. Although a great thing is of course the fact that a lot of the ingredients used are natural, which you can't get elsewhere. But overall, an absolutely fantastic liner to work with!

Desiree E.

This is great! It stays put, doesn't smear or fade. It may be pricey for some but I definitely think its worth it. I've had mine for months and it hasn't dried on me. Mind you I use it everyday. You can find this at Ulta or Sephora. I think its better to go to Ulta because if you have a certain amount of points with them you can get some bucks off maybe even more if you have a lot. A brush is also included which is a plus too!

Maribel D.
Best gel liner I have used.

I purchased this product several months ago. I don't like liquid liner or pencil liners. This product goes on smooth and doesn't smudge at all. I really bought it because of the ingredients. If your looking for a great gel liner try this one and you won't be disappointed.

Andrea M.
Love this!

I love this! Its super black and stays on forever!! I definitely think its worth the price! It's also really creamy and easy to use. I like to apply it using the Sigma E05 eyeliner brush, perfect liner combo!

Gloria M.

This ultra matte black, waterproof, silky liner is my new favorite!! I was looking for a true waterproof gel liner with intense pigment without the "plastic" sheen most waterproof formulas have and fell in love with this. The rest of the dolls are right... it will not budge until you're ready to remove it!! It comes with a dual ended brush which you can use to create a fine line or smoke it for drama. Vegan, safe for contact wearers, AMAZING!!