Beauty Product Reviews

Only way to get perfect white hair!

Takes out all of those annoying brassy and yellow tones while conditioning your hair at the same time :D It's the only toner I'll use to keep my hair its whitest! I just wish I didn't have to order it online all the time :/ Amplified does indeed work longer than its normal counterpart.

Absolute Platinum is the absolute BOMB!

I haven't fond a platinum blonde over the counter that works as well as this product. There are two levels and I choose the lightest, of course. Don't expect the "violet conditioner" to be enough to keep the brassiness from coming back if you tend to have red/yellow tones in your hair. In that case, buy Clairol Shimmer Lights shampoo online or at Sally's Beauty Supply. Find the large 31.5 oz. bottle online for the best deal! Don't bother getting the conditioner, this stuff is powerful enough! Just check my profile to see what happens when you leave it on too long XD It's what I like either way, a nice gray/lavender color, but if you just want really light blonde, use it once or twice a week. Also, if you want to go even whiter, buy Manic Panic's "Virgin Snow." Expect a lot of upkeep with this kind of hair. Platinum blonde, the "right" way, is one of the hardest colors to maintain properly. This product is an A+ though and I've had my hair done professionally at a fantastic salon and at home!

It's like I actually got to sleep for once!

Mothers of toddlers, heed my words! lol. Like any mother, I get the worst sleep ever. Honestly, like most people I get the worst sleep ever! My son sleeps with us, he's 2, yadda yadda... I can't be on camera looking like a zombie, and I usually do. Well-rested really is a miracle concealer. Not just under the eyes --which it is the BEST and most natural-looking for under-eye-- but anywhere you need it! Even if you don't have your little concealer brush handy (which is the best way to apply it, honestly) it still looks great! Most days I use it on red spots or under my eyes and skip foundation altogether. If you need more coverage, do what Bare Minerals recommends and "post conceal." Put your bare minerals foundation on FIRST and then cover up blemishes or imperfections AFTER. Of course don't use your warmth or glee beforehand or you'll end up with concealer circles :) I love it!

GREATEST moisturizer I've ever used! But there's a cheaper version...

I've always recommended this moisturizer to people, even with its $43 price tag per jar, but it's truly the greatest moisturizer I've ever used. From normal everyday skin to flaky sunburned skin, it has moisturized perfectly each time. It's never greasy, absorbs quickly, and immediately makes your skin feel supple and smooth. Just rub a dab on your hand and you'll feel instantly what I mean. HOWEVER, Garnier just came out with their own version and as much as I hated to admit it, it works just as well as Clinique :/ It's only $7 too!

Lives up to its name!

I got the perfect shade of bright red for Valentine's day and it dried extremely quickly, no need to apply extra coats --which is SO rare for OTC nail polishes, the pigments are great-- and though it chipped a few days into it, I wasn't too upset because the price was great. I think the only other downside is that it's REALLY hard to get off, but most red nail polishes are :/


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. When applied correctly (which isn't too terribly hard, I'm impatient) they are so cute and when you put them on your toenails they last FOREVER. I've had more compliments on my nails wearing these than I've ever gotten when they were done for me. I'm obsessed with doing nails and I love these when I need a quick fix. The Sally Hansen version is completely different... It dries out if you don't use ALL of the strips -at once --these are stickers so they don't dry out or chip. They're incredible.

Old formula better

John Frieda used to have a finishing cream that was AMAZING. It soaked in almost immediately, didn't weigh down at all, just felt like beautiful, silky hair. Almost like a skin moisturizing gel. Now it's just gummy, feels unnatural, and yet it's still the same price. They had to have changed the formula. I hate it now.