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Manic Panic

Amplified Cream Formula Semi-Permanent Hair Color


Alli W.
Only way to get perfect white hair!

Takes out all of those annoying brassy and yellow tones while conditioning your hair at the same time :D It's the only toner I'll use to keep my hair its whitest! I just wish I didn't have to order it online all the time :/ Amplified does indeed work longer than its normal counterpart.

I've tried a couple of shades and they indeed are great. the formula is the perfect consistency to work into hair. color always comes out vibrant and lovely. I can't reaaaally say if they last significantly longer than the originals from personal experience, but that's fine with me--they last long enough!

John M.
Ultra Violet, The Name Doesn't Lie

I've used this shade constantly for about 8 months; I dye my bangs with this color ( I have a really long devil-lock that goes down to my chin). This is by far my favorite purple hair color, other purples are either too dull, come out pink or an orchid color. You get 4oz. of Product in one bottle unless you get one of there salon bottles which is 8oz. The color of the product is exactly what the name entails; ultra violet- a very cool shade of purple. The color comes out super vibrant and true to tone if you take a couple extra steps to ensure color payoff. 1. I don't recommend putting it on bleached hair alone use either a lilac toner or tint/ color your hair either pink or red before you put the purple in. Most bleaches come out yellow which when you use the dye it will come out more of a blue shade because yellow and purple are opposing colors and do not mix. the toner will make it true to color, the red or pink will make it more of a neutral purple. 2. Keep color in for a LONG time. The longer you leave the color is in your hair the more vibrant and true to color and the follicle will keep the color in longer. I usually keep mine in for 5+ hours; don't worry about damage this is a conditioning formula it won't kill your hair. 3. Use a blow dryer while coloring hair, it gets the color deeper into the follicle and the color will last longer. 4. Use a color protective shampoo the color will last so much longer then if you washed your hair with just regular shampoo. 5. Your hair will fade to white and a sort of icy blue. I reapply this color with a bit of cotton candy pink to counteract the blue. These steps will help you achieve and maintain purple hair

Bry R.
Do not like Manic Panic

The colors are awesomely bright!! While they last. Which for me was about 2 days and they started fading. They didn't last long at all. Had the green, it was so cool them faded to look like pee. People called me pee head for weeks.