Beauty Product Reviews


I just bought this and I did get a little darker tone than my skin color but it still looks nice! It goes on evenly, smoothly, and nicely! It doesnt feel heavy and it has a nice matte look to it, which i love! Found my foundation!


I hate trying new products that a little pricey but I do NOT regret spending some money on this product! It works so fantastically! It hides my freckles, red spots, acne, everything! The only downside is that it doesnt come with much. I got about 5 months out of it! Best concealer ever!


Not a fan of her but I am a fan of this perfume! Its so sweet and just amazing! It is long lasting and I think it's great for the fall and spring! I dont think it is a Summer perfume though. Its great for all occasions as well! I have it in my Perfume Collection (