Beauty Product Reviews


This is my favorite color by Mac!! I love purple lipsticks!!!!! It lasts forever on my lips! The matte texture is creamy and not to drying, it also doesn't stain my lips!

love these!!!

I really like these shadows!! Pigmented and easily located and the price is amazing!! My fave is lust, I love the purple colors and all the matte shadows. I have done many looks with each of these palettes and I cant wait til they come out with more.

perfect brush!!!

I love this brush soooo much. I have three of them,enough said!!! Lol the brush is very dense and blends so easily with anything. I use it apply powder,blush,foundation,bronzer and whatever else I think it with work well with. the price is amazing for how good this brush is.

love it

I only use this remove to take off my MAC liquidlast eyeliner because of the oil base. I cudnt imagine using it all over my face bcuz I have oily skin. But for what I use it for it works wonderfully.

i love it!!!!

I have more than one of the MAC lippies,but this just happens to be my fave! It's a neutral color and looks really good without adding gloss over it and no lip liner. This is my go to color for work,neutral looks or just in general. I can't wait to go back to the MAC store so I can get more colors. Although they are a lil pricey, I get the pro discount but they r still around 9 or 10 dollars,but they r very worth it.

bad reaction

I ran out and got these lippies when I first saw them. After tryin one and falling in love,I went back and got all of them. They became my go-to lippies, but after a while I noticed that my lips were turning a darker color. I started breaking out with little small bumps on my lips and had a dark ring around them. I stopped using these lippies and my lips slowly returned to their natural state. Idk if anyone else had this problem but I just wanted to share and just in case u have sensitive akin like I do,be cautious.