Orphan Black Clones: Sarah Manning (punk)


One of my favourite TV shows at the moment is BBC America's/Space Network's 'Orphan Black', which involves a young woman discovering that there are other women who look exactly like her (read: clones) out there after watching one of them kill herself. (If I told you more than that, well, yeah. Just go watch it, y/y?) So I thought I'd do a series of looks inspired by each of the clones. [There will be some spoilers throughout this.]

The first: Sarah Manning. The very first character we meet, and through whom we enter this world of clones. She's a punk and con-artist on her way back home after ten months elsewhere. This is how she looks when we first meet her.

(Regarding the hair: Sarah, in the first episode, also wears two braids on the right-hand side, tight to her head. In an attempt before this shoot, I tried to do them but failed. So I cheated a little and pinned that section back. She also has chunky blonde highlights to start out with, which you can add with clip-on extensions. I don't have any to hand.)

  • Added Aug 07, 2013

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