Orphan Black Clones: Cosima Niehaus (cat eye)

One of my favourite TV shows at the moment is BBC America's/Space Network's 'Orphan Black', which involves a young woman discovering that there are other women who look exactly like her (read: clones) out there after watching one of them kill herself. (If I told you more than that, well, yeah. Just go watch it, y/y?) So I thought I'd do a series of looks inspired by each of the clones. [There will be some spoilers throughout this.]

Our third clone is most fans' favourite, Cosima Niehaus. She's a Ph.D. student in Evolutionary Developmental Biology (Evo-Devo) who ends up falling in love with an immunologist named Delphine...who happens to be working for the institute that created Cosima and her clone sisters in the first place. She may be fascinated with her biology as well as her clone sisters' biology, but there are still things she is naive about, and they may come back to bite her.

Apart from her cat eye makeup, Cosima has dreadlocks, a nose piercing, a tattoo of a nautilus on her wrist, and glasses. (While I did take shots of myself in the makeup with an old pair of my glasses on, they did not turn out as well as I'd hoped.)

  • Added Apr 15, 2014

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