Shapeshifter finally came in the mail!

I really want to do a review of this fairly new product, so I've submitted a product suggestion to Beautylish so I can do an official one, but for now I'll just say:

-I've been looking for a contour kit with day-to-night potential (i.e. something that can look natural enough in daylight but has the the pigmentation to be built up into a more dramatic contour for a glam night out, etc.)
-I purchased the lighter of the two kit options, and I am really happy with the range of colors, especially the correctors - one a light bisque and the other a slightly darker peach tone, perfect for layering and eliminating under eye darkness.
-the contour shades in cream and powder look quite dark but blend out very nicely, have more of a warm brown/red tone, and don't leave a muddy, dirty look that some cool/blue based colors do.
- the cream highlighter and the powder highlighter are both adorable and can be built from a subtle glimmer to full blown hot out of the oven jelly donut - haha.
- all of the colors in this palette are a good fit for eyeshadow too, I've found, with the darker contours obviously deepening the eyes and the shimmer highlight in the inner corners of the eye for a pop.

-Packaging is very nice and solid but not too bulky, and both the cream and powder sides have nice, ample mirrors.

Note: I also ended up buying the Urban Decay Contour Shapeshifter brush, and I really like that too so far, and I'm really picky about brushes that cost more than $30 - most of my brushes are Bobbi Brown and Chanel, which I think is worth the higher price point, but this one does measure up so far (note: it is made of synthetic materials, though, so if you've got allergies, look into that!)

  • Added Jul 14, 2017

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