Shooting Star Necklace


  • Added Oct 22, 2013

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May 9, 2023

Richard C.

It looks very nice. I read a lot about them and learned interesting facts about how they were used in different cultures and eras. One of the most famous necklaces is Tutankhamen's necklace, which was found in his tomb. This necklace is made of gold, lapis lazuli and other precious stones and was made for a pharaoh in the 14th century BC. It is believed that it has magical properties and brings good luck to its owner. Also recently read about the necklace, used for this. I don't know why but I suddenly became interested in it. It's time to start your own business. Necklaces were also often used in religious rites and ceremonies. In Hinduism, for example, women wear the mangalasutra, a necklace that symbolizes their marriage and affection for their husband. In general, I can say that necklaces have a rich history and many secrets and legends associated with them. They are not only decorations, but also symbols of different eras and cultures.