HOW-TO: Hair Bow


This is a easy hairstyle. You can make it messy or pushed, the choice is up to you! It's great for bad hair days, or not so good hair days. You might have forgot to wash your hair? Or your hair is a bit greasy? It takes only 5 steps to do this!
1) pull up your hair and put in into a fan bun. Wherever the fan bun is is where your bow is gonna be. Use a thin hair tie for easier hiding. Make sure that the tail of your bow is in the front!
2) split the bun in half. If its not looking equal, it will look kinda crazy.
3) pull the tail (that hair we left to the front) above the bow, so that it's like a barrier between to two "buns".
4) carefully pin down the sides of the bow, and with the extra tail pin it behind a loop or "bun". Make sure your making an 'X' with the Bobbi pins
5) spray a fine tooth comb with smoothing holding hair, and then gently go over the messy loose part where hair is sticking out. You won't have a problem with this is you have no layers!

I hoped you liked it :)

  • Added Mar 07, 2013

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