BIG eyebrows! HELP?

Help! My eyebrows are huge! They are uncontrollable! I am going to get them waxed and shaped again! They grow back way to fast! And tips on controlling them? They get so big and they even form a unibrow sometimes and I have to wax them at home quickly sometimes with little was things. I need help! Do I need to fill them in? How do I control them? Anything to help them not grow as much, but not harmful!

  • Added May 3, 2013

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Jun 3, 2013

Hayley R.

I reccomend yes, getting them waxed to your desired size. After you do this make sure to maintain them, pluck them when you find astray hairs. I also reccomend buying a small eyebrow shaping razor, they have for fairly cheap at Sally Beauty Supply. Until you can do that, just make sure to groom them and if you choose to coat them will a small amount if clear/colored eyebrow gel to keep them in place. but getting then waxed is definitely the first step. :) good luck!