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Using only eyeshadow from the Stila Countless Color Pigments! In love!

  • Added Apr 20, 2013

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Apr 25, 2013

Nichole H.

How do you get the liner in the inner corners to stay perfect like that. Maybe it is just me, but when I do it, it looks fine, about an hour later it looks horrible but the rest of my liner looks great. Doesn't run at all except the corners. Any help is appreciated.

Apr 27, 2013

Victoria D.

Sometimes I have problems with it when my eyes are very irritated, or I'm having a 'leaky eye' day. On those days, I just try to dry the inner corner as much as possible and touch up with a liquid liner pen. Are you using a liquid, gel, or pencil?

Apr 28, 2013

Nichole H.

I have tried all of the above as well as shadow with a primer & a powder underneath to try to seal it off. I did recently get a lip sealer that I thought I might try. I also just found a great liquid liner that I may try. Part of my problem is I work in an auto shop, so in the heat sometimes I get a lot of moisture at the nose/eye area due to humidity & sweat. Which liner do you find to work the best & I will keep trying. I do have to use concealer too because I have dark circles that are getting better, but definitely not gone without concealer & foundation :)

Mar 20, 2020

Avi A.

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So pretty!

Apr 22, 2013

Isabelle T.

Sry the colors word correct.

Apr 22, 2013

Isabelle T.

OMFG I lovethat abdominal the colors!!??