Countless Color Pigments


Victoria D.
How amazing are these?!

Lets be honest, this product is basically an entire palette, in one eyeshadow. These are genius. The tie dye pattern of them all appeals to my inner 8-year old hippie, and they instantly draw my attention. There's generally three shades in each of these. Each shade can be used alone, combined with any other shade, or they can all be swirled together into one, harmonious, gorgeous color. Each one is basically an entire look in itself. Not only do these look gorgeous, they are amazingly pigmented too! I have three of them, (light show, indie, and tie dye) and they're all a satin finish. Not shimmery, but not quite matte. They blend like a dream! I can't get enough of these shadows, and I want them all on my desk to look at! <3