I don't really like this photo, but it became quite popular on the internet with a few more eyeliner looks from other makeup artists, so I thought I'd upload it to get at least a little credit. :D :) I believe this was my first time trying fake eyelashes too :o

  • Added May 03, 2012

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May 11, 2012

Naida D.

Oh, it's your eye? Nice... :) I have same 'problem' with one work of mine with eyeliners too. I create and recreated 39 eyeliner lines and I conected it in one picture. Since I uploaded it on internet, lot of different people find it on lot different web adresses, and even one woman, make-up 'artist' croped my name from picture and posted it on her fan page. :D But nevermind, it is good to know who we are at least. :))