Beauty Product Reviews

Cannot wash my face without it!

I started using this product about 6 years ago! It is my go to facial exfoliator and while it is not ideal to scrub hard onto your face because of the apricot shell, if you lightly scrub in circular motions for about 2 minutes, I can guarantee that your skin will be exfoliated to a T! I use it especially when having a breakout since this product plus really warm water "pops" pimples and unclogs pores without having to pick at your skin by hand (which is a NO NO). I recommend this to anyone with combination to oily skin for everyday usage. For drier skin ladies this will be good as a exfoliator only!

it may have to grow on me...

Okay, so I ADORE the first GaGa/MAC collab, so I bought this one without even thinking! Thumbs up for being an Amplified & it is super super creamy & moisturizing on my lips. It is a good nude but it has a thumbs down for my skin seems to "disappear" my I may have to play with it a bit, probably use a the MAC Oak lipliner but other than that, I give it 4 stars. Good Job GaGa! :)

I use it for Lip Color!

I recently stumbled upon the fact that they do GREAT on the lips! So far, I have only used the color Oyster on my lips, with a bit of MAC Dazzleglass in Baby Sparks. It gives me this gorgeous irridescent pink/purple look! It does last, and doesn't dry my lips out. This has become my favorite lip look! I plan to try with the other colors once I receive them! Try it & see if you like it?!

Beach Sand is my fav!

Beach Sand is the greatest shimmery nude color for all skin types. I use it dry as my highlighter or wet as my base & it works great! I seen some of the other comments & others saying the glitter was only top layer, Beach Sand has awesome with the glitter! I plan on getting Blue Lagoon & Caribbean Sea and doing a look for a tutorial.