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Beauty Product Reviews

My Ultimate Favorite

A very feminine smell. Not very strong but a slight scent of flowers. It reminds me of Maybe Baby from Benefit...this is why I fell in love with it. If you spray it in the morning it lingers all day and you get small whiffs of it :)


I think I might own every single encyclopedia that they came out with! I love that they are only $5 and they come with a bunch of colors that you can either use everyday or for night time! Great deal for 12 colors!

Really Works

It really does stain your lips. Be careful when you apply this product, make sure you don't get it anywhere else. If you have dry lips you should avoid this product or make sure you moisturize before hand! Apply the product and top it off with a little lipgloss!


I saw a video on how to apply this product at it totally helped me! If you want to use it as a blush then use a blush brush and swipe the top of the product and apply it to your face. If you want to use it as a lipstick just dap you finger in it! Lastly if you want to use this as an eyeshadow...use and eyeshadow brush! Makes the color look better then using the stick directly to your face!


Wear this stuff everyday! Just a small amount goes a long way...sometimes I mix it with my facial lotion just to have a tinted moisturizer. It comes in my perfect shade!


I used to use the warmth from bare minerals, but I've spilt it many times and its a pain. I was looking for an alternative and I love this product! It's great for contouring!