Beauty Product Reviews

Great coverage, doesn't last long

I love this foundation, it's cheap and it covers and doesn't feel or look cakey. However, It does fade as the day goes but a good foudnation primer would take care of that! I love that it's so cheap I can buy multiple shades to accomodate my individual skin tone.

Best waterproof liner EVER!!!!!!

I got the smashbox set with the jet-set waterproof liner, their gel liner in caviar and a pencil iner and they are my favorite! I use this liner on my water line and pack black eyeshadow on top and it stays on all day, doesn't smudge and most importantly, DOESN'T MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A RACOON! I highly suggest this product, it lasts forever too, it's the most pigmented waterproof black liner i've ever encountered. This is definitely a bang for your buck!

works wonders!

Maybelline has been my favorite drug store brand for mascaras for years, and i have used Falsies since it first came out which is a little over a year ago! With a couple of coats it give my lashes perfect volume, it doesn't clump and it coats lashes individually and doesn't flake! with enought coats it can give the effect of fake lashes however, they aren't as great as fake lashes would be, but they definetly make your lashes look AMAZING!

So versitile!

This is my all-time favorite pallete! I use it almost everyday you can create a neutral (hense the name NAKED) to a gorgeous smokey eye in a variety of colors and they blend SO WELL! It's so easy to create an easy day to night look in just a couple of sweeps with the primer potion color stays on all day and they become more vibrant as the day goes on rather than dulling!

we use these foundations for the make up in the drama department at our school, the coverage is great, but very thick and they give all the actors blemishes, and make them break out realy badly.