Beauty Product Reviews


I love the Dream Mousse line, but this one was completely off. It feels sticky and cakey without even putting it on, it creases as soon as it dries, and it's just bad. Coverage is horrible. Overall I do NOT recommend.


the pigmentation is great, I absolutely love this palette, i'm planning to go back and get all the other ones as well! It costs $36 at Sephora but if you have access to the BX it's $31. Only a $5 savings but no tax! I completely recommend.


i am the delicious caramel (jkay, but i really am caramel) and OH MY GOSH! I don't have any tattoos that i want to cover up because i love them all, BUT let me tell you, it doesn't only work with tattoos but any blemishes? GONE i use it as concealer under my eyes (tip from jlovesmac1 on youtube) and oh my jebus...i'm in love:)


amazing amazing amazing!!!!!!!! i'm number 315 and i'm in love <3. it leaves a really nice dewy look and wow, perfect for night and day! and you only need to apply it once and it lasts all day, with just one touch up it could take you into the night.....i love it


i absolutely love this product! the only problem is it's kind of thick when you first put it out. it's really thick and creamy but the consistency is awesome, it looks thick when you first take it out but as for coverage it's really light. I was scared when I first ordered it because of the reviews that said there was not enough product but, i think there is plenty...less is more ladies:)