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  • The Nail Gallery: Art on Your Fingertips
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    The Nail Gallery: Art on Your Fingertips

    You don’t have to go to your nearest art museum for a little culture. Take a seat—we’re travelling back in time for an art history lesson in nail design.

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  • Fashion Designer and Makeup Collaborations

    Fashion Designer and Makeup Collaborations

    Have you noticed that more and more fashion designers are moving over to beauty? There's Charlotte Ronson for Sephora, Marc Jacobs for MINX, and Alexander Wang for Sally Hansen. We take a look at the designers who are collaborating on makeup collections.

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  • Fall Vanity Inspiration

    Fall Vanity Inspiration

    Even though it may not feel like fall yet for most, the seasons are a-changing! These vanity designs all have natural elements scattered throughout, and leaves, branches, and floral motifs add dramatic touches that move away from the stark freshness of summer. Get inspired and make over your space for autumn.

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  • Online Beauty Lingo for Beginners

    Online Beauty Lingo for Beginners

    When you first start playing with beauty products, there are terms people say online that you might not know yet. Don’t worry, Beauties, we'll help you learn to follow a makeup tutorial with ease. Keep reading for definitions of those seemingly foreign words and abbreviations!

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  • Trend Alert: Panda Nails
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    Trend Alert: Panda Nails

    Leopard spot and zebra stripes are popular animal-inspired nail designs, but have you ever considered this bamboo-eating furry friend? Find out about the latest trend to pop up in the Beautylish Community: panda nails!

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  • Beautylish's Fall Must Haves

    Beautylish's Fall Must Haves

    Here at Beautylish, we're just as beauty-obsessed as you are. So we've put together a list of the products we're dying to get our hands on this fall. Here's what we're loving right now.

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  • Makeup For Blue Eyes

    Makeup For Blue Eyes

    Attention all blue-eyed Beauties! Did you know that several makeup colors can bring out your baby blues? Check out these eye-opening makeup techniques—they're guaranteed to make those gorgeous peepers sparkle. Keep watching to see more!

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  • Which Eye Liner Brush Is Right for You?

    Which Eye Liner Brush Is Right for You?

    Lining your eyes can be a daunting task if you're not armed with the proper tools. Luckily, the right eye liner brush can help you achieve soft definition or bold drama, depending on the medium and look you like. Use this handy brush guide in your quest to become a lining pro!

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  • Juice It!

    Juice It!

    Juices are not only yummy but also extremely good for you—they're a super easy way to get all of your daily vitamins and minerals. Check out our three favorite juices.

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  • Midnight Metallic Nail Tutorial

    Midnight Metallic Nail Tutorial

    We're completely crazed for spots this season! Some Beauties love their polka-dot nails in vibrant, creamy neons, but we thought the trend needed a darker, richer twist for fall. Try this incredibly easy Midnight Metallic manicure for a seriously glam night out!

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