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Beautiful Orange Blush For Any Skintone!

This is the perfect cream blush for any skin type. Its a vegan cream blush in a bright orange inspired by the color of blush Audrey wore in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Don't be fooled by the color in the pan, this blush is suitable for light to dark skintones. If you have more pink undertones in your skin it will appear more of a light coral. This blush is very pigmented, and contains no glitter. Since the product is matte and pigmented, its not shear at all, and applies easily with a brush or fingertip application. Its very easy to apply a more shear amount if you have light skin. I do recommend a small stipple brush. It provides a soft dew to the skin, as its cream. If you have dry skin this is ideal, but oily skintypes can wear it too as it dries to an almost powder like consistency. Sets beautifully with my HG P&P Oil Absorbing Mineral Veil also available on her shop, and a must buy. Her products are affordable, and she ships internationally as well as domestically. She just started making lipsticks. Check those out. You won't be sorry. Everyone needs P&P Audacious Lipstick for winter.

*This blush is a near dupe of MAC's Limited Edition Cremeblend Blush in Optimistic Orange. Came out with MAC & Lillyland 2010. Pumpkin & Poppy's version is less tacky, and sits easier on the skin.

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Vegan, Soft, Firm, Precise, Pink & Nude

I love that this lipliner is soft precise, and yet doesn't run on the lips...and works great with a variety of lipstick colors. Its not too nude a pink, so it will work on many skin tones that want a fair lipliner. It goes over natural dark lips, with precise color, and works well under dark and nude colors without re-coloring the lipstick itself. Stays long on the lips, and keeps lipstick on long as well.

Obsidian Couldn't Be Better

I was searching for a vegan and paraben free black eyeliner, that was water resistant, waterproof, and didn't budge. This pencil reminds me of Make Up Forever's Aqua Eyes Liner in #00. As a vegan, I tend to stay away from larger brands that aren't on leaping bunny, and tend to favor smaller lines that make their cruelty free status an effort to get a the most cruelty free product possible. I am a vegan for health reasons as well as animal and environmental well being. Rarely do natural products cease to amaze me, and I never get any irritation with this liner.

It does take a few uses before it softens up. It sharpens to a point nicely. It comes in a lovely shade range such as Ocean, Obsidian, and many more.

I buy them on White Rabbit Beauty <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'></a>, that way a portion of my purchase is donated to the animal charity of my choice. You can choose between 4.

This liner costs a mere $14.00, amazing deal. They also make lip liners in a similar formula.

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Great Vegan Cream Foundation

I love that this foundation is creamy and contains no mineral oils or parabens. Inglot foundations run on the darker side. #43 is one of the 5 latest shades in the YSM (Young Skin Makeup range) just something to be aware of. The one thing I would change about YSM is the shade range, I would include lighter colors for the porcelain gals, bc #43 is quite deep for a light shade. Regardless of that, the formula itself is so is mineral oil and paraben leaves the skin looking young and dewey...It glides easily bc of the coconut oil in it. I once had oilier skin just a couple years back, and can't use mineral oil to this day. I was hesistant to try cream based foundation...but I do have sensitive skin, and would suggest trying it. Its not expensive for medium or moderate priced foundation. It will run about $22.00 with shipping costs on Inglot USA...the shade I have does cancel some sun or redness I have on my face due to sunlight is definitely a neutral based tone, vs an orange tone.

I love these great, and all vegan!

I just love these palettes...I don't pick em up and use em enough bc not all my subbies are UK based...but everyone can order. I need to get new things from them soon, bc I tend to forget them. Their shadows are all vegan and mineral based, which is nice...Sleek is always improving the shadow/palette design, and coming out with new collections...I like these a lot...the price point is amazing, at 10 dollars a piece, and each shadow well is 1 oz deep...not all shadow wells are filled to the top, but that happens with superdrug items...nonetheless, The pigment is outstanding, and the colors are so fun to play with...I love mixing and matching the palettes and collections up. Bc these are mineral based, these work best when you do the eyes first and the face last to prevent fall out...I love the compilation of the colors and themes for the palettes, there is always some neutrals, a highlight, and definition colors...very well rounded. A must try.

Amazing Nude Color!

This color reminds me of Urban Decay's Naked Lipstick...its got more pigmentation however, and is a similar finish to MAC's Amplified Cream. Of course you can get a color from other lines that is similar to UD's Naked, but not all lines are cruelty free, like UD and Illamasqua...this color is a soft nude natural lip color with a hint of a peachy warmth...this color is flattering on light to dark skin tones, and will not make the wearer look deathly pale...these lipsticks arent the cheapest on the market, but deserve a rave for price point to product bc the pigmentation is so amazing you won't run out anytime soon. I use to love the YSL Rouge Volupte, but these are my newest guilty pleasures...I want to get Liv soon.

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Great Vegan Cream Highlighter

I love a good cream highlighter...I tend to use these more in the summer time bc I want a dew-sheen to the face, bc its just gorgeous under the hot/bright sky...I know some ppl think highlighters make you look sweaty...but I think it depends on the finish...Placed correctly on the high points of the face, it should look glowy, and never greasey. I love this color for medium and plus skintones...from my experience its hard to find a highlighter shade for such skintones, at least in the vegan community, as most tend to be white, as it takes no carmine to produce such a shade...this is a nice tan/pink/cream color...I feel its more opulent on top of the face powder...once face powder is over it, it looses its luster...also nice as a base tone for powder highlights...I feel slightly more metallic finishes are the route to go like this one to avoid the oily glow...

Amazing! Looks Like An Ancient Amulet. Great Cruelty Free Nail Varnish

Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Scarab---Scarabs were popular amulets in ancient Egypt. Modeled upon the Scarabaeidae family dung beetle, which rolls dung into a ball for the purposes of eating and laying eggs that are later transformed into larva, the scarab was seen as an earthly symbol.

This may sound like a creepy color...but its awesome! I love that it resembles ancient amulets, and is a cruelty free nail lacquer...I shaved off the fifth star a bit, bc it chips easily compared to Zoya, which is what I usually wear...This polish is still worth trying, if you love lacquer, and change your polish often...probably best for your toes, as it will be less likely to chip, bc on a manicure (at least mine) it lasts 2 days. But I am a vlogger, and bartender.

Creamy, fun color, very pigmented.

Illamasqua's blushes are all made alike. There isn't one good color, one bad color...they are hits for whatever shade is your pick. I chose Laid bc I wanted something very original. What I like about Illamasqua's blushes is that they are so pigmented, yet are easily buildable, and blendable. I just take a light amount of product, with two clean fingertips, and apply to the center of my cheek, and blend back. Once you pop on face powder, it sets, stays, and tones down just a slight touch. Laid is a perfect flush for all skintones. Its a nice berry shade, without being rosey.

The perfect matte pink/coral blush

This blush is very pigmented and it glides on smoothly. Its ideal for many skintones. This powder blush is smooth, and not too creamy, yet never chalky. Its pigmented, and powdery like Inglot's eye shadows, so it can kick up a little dust when not in use, but never fails on the face. Hussy is a perfect happy bright pink, that is soft, but not sheer, so it will work with many skintones. Its texture, finish, and formula work on many skin types. Fabulous. Its cruelty free too.

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