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Whenever I try a new facial oil, I always force myself to love it -- even if I don't see immediate results. This trickery is because I spent good money on a skincare product, so it better work! Am I right?! In retrospect, I have never seen a dramatic difference in my skin's appearance to warrant purchasing (or repurchasing) a product.

In walks Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum to Beautylish and my skin has never looked better. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a tester a couple months prior to its launch, and in those couple days the tester lasted my skin was glowing!

I decided to purchased this last week and I have never felt better about any $185 spent. My breakouts subsided, the redness in my cheeks are gone, and my skin is so soft I can't help but touch it!

I use to have 6 steps in my skincare routine (after washing my face) and now I have 2 -- toning and this incredible facial oil.

The first night I tried it, I woke up with the best skin I've ever had, and you will too! It's only been a week and I can't imagine life without it.

An extra step I always forget

While this product definitely holds up to its claim, I always seem to forget it when applying makeup. No matter if I'm in a rush, or have all the time in the world, this product always seems to slip my mind! I honestly don't need too much coverage for foundation, but it do love it to change the color of my foundation -- a darker shade in the summer and lighter in the winter!


I normally don't wear glitter for a normal makeup application, whether its going out or everyday, because either there is a ton of fallout, it's hard to apply or you have to apply a glitter glue under. These Stila liquid eye shadows have changed the glitter game!

The shadow is so pigmented, and gives the most beautiful glitter to your eye! There is a bit of fallout after a couple hours, but nothing that compares to other glitter eye shadows. You can also blend these out seamlessly unlike other liquid shadows or if you were applying glitter with glue.

Not my shade...

I am an AVID Jeffree liquid lip user! I love so, so many of his other shades, but Daddy just didn't work on me. The formula was just as incredible as all his other shades, but I have to give Daddy a 4/5 stars because the shade is too grey. Maybe I need to change up my makeup from more warm tones to cooler tones...

My coworker said this color was her holy grail and proceeded to buy 4 more... I am definitely going to give this color a second chance with a cooler toned makeup look :)

Favorite Nude Lip!

I have always struggled to find the perfect nude lip shade, so I always opted for deep red shades. My friend let me try this lip liner and for the first time ever, I wore a nude lip out!

It's not just the color that suits so many different skin tones -- its the way the pencil glides, the color payoff, and the longevity! I can wear this nude under a many different shades of lipstick and alone for the perfect matte lip!

Amazing for staying cool

Looking at most of the negative reviews, I totally understand where they are coming from; however this product isn't meant for a lot of the things people expect it to do.

I can remember when I was younger my mom use to bring the travel sized bottles on the plane to keep our skin hydrated! Obviously, back then I didn't know the plane severely dries out your skin -- I just liked using the bottle because it was so refreshing (I still do)!

I bought one of these bottles recently to go on treacherous trip toooo... Coachella Valley Music Festival! If you dont know what that is, it is an incredible music festival that happens to be in the desert with everything from sand storms to extremely dry 100 degree heat! As you can imagine, trying to camp in this weather was a mild form of torture. This bottle of refreshing mineral water got me through the hot days and kept my skin hydrated throughout the trip! I honestly will never go to a desert again without this bottle of pure bliss :)

Got rid of my skin texture

Before using this product, I always had small bumps all over my face, specifically my forehead and cheeks (they weren't pimples)! I tried everything to get rid of them; however nothing every worked... until now!

This product worked fast as I saw results in less than a week! I also incorporated buffet in my routine for the extra added benefits. The two combined truely transformed my skin from extremely textured and dry to smooth and more hydrated! Because I am only 22 years old, I can't speak to the anti-aging benefits, but if that lives up to the other claims the products make, I'm sure ill have 22 year old skin for life! (haha I wish....)

Even though I know its horrible to touch your face during the day... ever since I started using these products together I can't help myself! I honestly could not be more satisfied with a product, and even if this costed double (or triple) the price, I'd still buy it! Thank goodness for The Ordinary's incredible price points, now I can try all their products!

I have never used mixing palettes before because the back of my hand worked perfectly fine. I decided to start using a mixing palette because I always forget to wipe the makeup off the back off my hand... I end up going out, looking all kinds of crazy, with all sorts of colors and streaks on my hand.

I chose this one because it was clear and seemed to be a shape actual artist use (maybe it would make me more creative). I dont have much to compare this palette to but it works really well for me! It's easy to carry, clean and mix products on! I noticed some palettes are not a smooth texture which seems harder to clean. Overall I like this palette and am glad I chose it!

Perfect Moisturizer

I have replaced my moisturizer with this squalane oil! I have been using it for about half a year now and it has left my skin much more clear. It soaks into my skin quickly and provides hydration without feeling oily.

I recently started incorporating The Ordinary "Buffet," and together they have made my skin 1 step closer to flawless.

amazing chapstick

I have severely chapped lips... and when I mean severely, I mean not only do I try and find chapsticks, but all my friends buy me them too. Surprise, surprise... nothing ever has ever worked until I found this Bioderma chapstick!

Most chapsticks can temporarily sooth my lips, but once the product wears off, so does all the moisture. This product seems to leave my lips moisturized, and even when it wears off, my lips don't return to their previous desert-like state. I have bought over 10 of these chapsticks, not because there isn't a lot of product, but because I have one in every place possible (including in my friends purses)!

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