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Beauty Product Reviews

Absolutely loving it!

Let me start off by saying, I am extremely pale. I am SO GRATEFUL to have finally found a concealer that is light enough to give me a slight undereye highlight! It is a great concealer, the word "creamy" made me wary of putting it under my eyes but I need not fret! Not a single crease in 8+ hours. I understand after trying it why this product is so hyped up.


I bought this in a mini sized because I wasn't sure I'd like it (especially after the They're Real fiasco) but wow. This mascara is simply amazing. It makes my lashes SO thick and black black black. It almost looks like charcoal coating my lashes (in a good way). I was a bit surprised by how dry the formula is, but I think that's what makes this so amazing. It's almost like it's been pre-dried out for you. I definitely need to purchase a full sized of this. One thing about it though, it seems to get on my lids more than other mascaras, I don't know if that's my fault with the application but just something to think about. This is also one of the most buildable mascaras I've come across. You can seriously layer and layer and layer without it getting clumpy. I've gone up to 4 coats before and my lashes still looked great. Overall, a definite love and I will be repurchasing. I'm wearing it in this photo:

Good shade range

I actually got this for my mom for Christmas because she doesn't like shimmery colors, but of course I had to give it a try! The colors are fairly nicely pigmented and silky. I like the colors, because I feel they give you a good range of dark and light. You could use this palette to give you a very subtle daytime look, but you could also use it for a night time smokey look. The reason I knocked a star off is because some of the colors are lacking in pigment just a tiny bit, but overall the pigmentation is good.

Pretty colors

I have this in Peony and I really really love it. I think the colors are so pretty, I want to get Violet and Coral as well. They are a very nice opaque formula, and they last a good amount of time. My only complaints: 1. They are not glossy. This wouldn't be an issue for me, but they claim to be "high gloss" but they really dry to an almost satiny finish. 2. They're a bit drying. This isn't a deal-breaker because they aren't THAT drying, but if you applied them on dry lips this could definitely be an issue. 3. Although the shades are pretty, the range is quite limited Other than that I really like them.


I picked this product up from Sephora when I went in and said I was looking for a brow product. I do think it's nice, but it does have some drawbacks. Pros: Time- this product is very quick to apply. Just take an angled brush, dip it in and draw your brows. Crispness- I feel like you can get a nice clean, crisp, defined brow with this product. Efficiency- this product is sort of a 2 in 1 thing; it gives you color and shape and also sets your brows in one step

Cons: Formula- this formula really doesn't sit very well on top of dry skin Requires an applicator- it can be very inconvenient, especially for cleanliness and touchups sake.

Overall, the product is pretty good, but I'm not so sure I'd repurchase.


I have tried all the shades, and this primer is my absolute favorite! I can't wear eye shadow without it. It can crease if you apply too much, so be careful!


Its not the worst mascara, but it didn't give me the results I was looking for. My Maybelline Rocket gave me the same results! And really? $23 for a mascara? I returned it within 3 days. Also a side note, not good for people with sensitive eyes. The brush poked and hurt my lashline! Product for me would be about a 3/5 but I gave it a 1/5 because of the ridiculous price

Great (in general)

I love MAC lipsticks! I have somewhere around 15, and I can't wait to get more. The only formula I don't really like is Retro Matte, I have Riri Woo and it honestly feels like a crayon. I love the regular mattes though, I have Please Me and it's my favorite shade. My favorite formula is Amplified, hence why I'm reviewing Impassioned. I find these lipsticks very long wearing especially with a lipliner. Love them <3

Impossible to get off!

I have the shade Hor D'eurves (spelling, sorry) and For The Twill Of It. HD is seriously impossible to get off! Its absolutely gorgeous but honestly I had to peel and pick it off which damaged my nails. FTTOI is beautiful, long wear, no chipping. Got a solid 5 days without chipping!