Beauty Product Reviews

I have two colors and love them

I use the brown one for my eyebrows it's the perfect shade of brown and looks natural it stays put all day seriously I was amazed by the fact it didn't budge I also use a wax for my hairs afterwards or I use clear gel depends on my mood both lock it in place even better and it's water proof! Now the black one I also own but I don't exactly love it as much only because I don't feel it's very pigmented and I have to apply two layers to make it as dark as I'd like and some matte black powder they're also very quick to dry which is awesome. They're only three bucks so I say go for it if your not sure!

I like it but could be better

I really wanted this to be my go to foundation, but there are some things I cannot get past! For starters this foundation works perfect for photos, has almost like a luminous/dewy look and is perfect for dry skin. There are things I don't exactly love about it like the blending is terrible I have to really sit there and blend this for a long time so it does not look streaky with a brush, I can't find one that matches me perfectly even though they have a pretty good color selection and it does not last very long. I can wear this if know I won't be out for too long Because that dewy look turns into an oil slick!! I have pretty dry skin which is why I was surprised it did that I have to carry a powder with me. I do have a small tip a make up friend of mine told me that if you use a beauty blender damp this foundation does blend much better which it does but since it doesn't last long I knocked a star off. I still use it when I know photos are involved AND if I won't be there long.

I'm not sure why I waited so long!

I have had my eyes on this foundation for a very long time I wasn't sure why I avoided buying it to be honest I dint think ill use any other foundation! It matches perfectly, gives perfect medium to full coverage and it leaves a matte, but not flat finish if that makes sense. I love this my mom even told me that the match was perfect and made me look natural even it being medium/full coverage! I don't use the Mac powders I use the cargo hd finish powder I prefer it to the Mac powders with this foundation I feel it works better for a smoother finish. Plus if you have dry skin this foundation is something to look into it doesn't look patchy on my skin and it has an amazing lasting power make sure to use a primer!


I love these I own quite a few of them I like to use a pencil underneath just to make sure they stay put because these do tend to come off I wish they had a better wear...I love that they have matte, creme, and I think pearl I'm not sure if there's anymore I can't remember but they have a lot of color selections from reds to nudes to purples and so on.

It's my go to foundation when it's for everyday

I really enjoy this foundation it's full coverage and it has a good consistency it stays on for a good part of the day I wouldn't say 16 hours but all day and I just touch up if I'm going out at night they have a really good color selection also the fact they have one for combo skin or dry I will say this MAKE SURE YOU USE A GOOD MAKEUP REMOVER/CLEANSER I would leave it cause it's so thick and I ended up with (very few) breakouts but over all I love it and I would recommend and buy!

I really love this

I used to use this way back and I loved it! I loved the coverage it was nice and creamy it did wear off a bit but I still loved how well it covered I think the colorstay products are all really amazing tbh plus this really stayed pretty good!

Where have I been??

This is hands down one of my favorite lipsticks I have it in 337 I have looked and looked for a perfect red and here it is is lasts me most of the day if I snack/drink stuff but when I don't it keeps my lips moist and stays put it's really amazing. I also noticed it works best with a lip liner on the bottom and it's amazing with the nyx in plum it's a nice color combo for me :)

Does wonders just needs a bit of adjusting!

I fell in love with this after seeing my best friend wear it for years and her face looked flawless! I tried it twice the first time I was like ok this is good but it kinda made my face look kinda dry I felt it would cling to my dry spots and it didn't look cute! TIP: My friend then told me to mix it with a liquid foundation of some sort we both used revlon colorstay or maybelline 24 hours foundation you add a small penny size amount and mix in the mousse and it has the same consistenty of the mousse but it isn't as dry I guess and then I use the matte powder from the mousse line it's perfect and my make up lasts ALL day long it's the best trick I was taught. I wouldn't change my foundation from any other the dream mousse is perfection in a bottle :)

Wonderful for a non-cake feeling

I love this stuff no joke I don't think I ever had such a wonderful bb cream. I guess I'm going to go onto the pros and cons :) Pros: -long lasting -hydrating -light on skin -it turns from white to your color so it's easy to see where you didn't blend properly

Cons: -I feel it takes a second for it to adjust if that's even the word I want to use I wear it and it looks lighter than what it shows

I guess of con though I just use a shade of powder that's darker slightly and it fixes the issue but sometimes I don't want to add so much to my face. I like that it really does leave a flawless look and I wear it everyday I just love love love love love this regardless of the one con I just love this stuff I switched from maybellines version to this one and I will say I like it better. I have been wearing my make up since six am til nine pm and it still looks wonderful! I like the fact that it does not look caked on I use the revlon color stay foundation but i find its too much for my face for everyday use so over all this product really gets the job done for a non caked feeling and flawless look all day this product has your back :)

I cant even begin to tell you

I LOVE THIS STUFF especially in copper chic. I always get wonderful comments on my eye make up because its neutral yet the copper tones just make it ahh. Its a perfect combo of the colors I just really really love this lil palette i went back and bought another cause i went through min so fast. I love that the fall out is very minimal which is wonderful I detest too much fall out oh and they are very very blendable.

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