jassy k.
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Okay. This scent is so classy, sophisticated, and is the best scent to wear on a date, to work, or a night out with ya girls. I love this stuff. Its soft, and it smells great. I remember a customer coming in at my job & immediatly the room smelled like chloe I told her what she was wearing and I was right. !!! It's that kind of smell, BUT TRUST ME not over the top. You only need to spray a few dabs and you are good to go. I recommend this perfume. !!! Especially if you are meeting the guys parents or want a new job. It has helped me

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Aldela I.

this perfume is my favorite of all time it has a floral scent very sheer and very light but it last for a day it doesnt smell like a harsh perfume like most of em do.

TC Burcu S.
My favorite parfum !

I feel like roses when I put this on, so girly and pretty, it has a lovely smell, without making you sick of roses though. You just want to keep putting it on ! If you haven't smelled it yet, you should definitely go and smell it, because if you like roses you wont regret it. It smells so great even my boyfriend realised when I had changed parfumes (I had put on A&F perfume 41, also very nice and light, and lasts all day !!) , and he wanted me to put this one back on ! :-D

Jessica H.

I LOVE Chloe fragrance and I hate perfume. I actually work in a fragrance department. So when I am not at work I hate to smell fragrance. but I love this its light but not to light it spells like perfume but not over overwhelming. I find this fragrance to be the perfect mix of sophisticated and womanly it's classy high end and the longevity of it is PHENOMENAL. It is also pretty safe for small places like work and school I have never received a complaint about it. I consider this to be my part time signature smell and also not a lot of people wear it so I get plenty of comments when I do where it. Hey isn't that what we lady's all want anyway ;).

BONUS NOTE:If you can SPLURGE on the body cream its amazing on the skin and if your not a fragrance wear-er it has about 40% fragrance in it and you will get just as many compliments on it.

heartlee H.
Clean, sophisticated, ladylike.

I'm in love with this fragrance. It doesn't discriminate against season's and lifts your mood when you put it on! I feel more put together, elegant and prepared when I wear this. Definitely a bottle I'll use til it's gone and then buy some more!! I also get tons of compliments on this scent.

Taffy K.

I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!!!! if you can't tell by now i love this scent. I have been a loyal user of this fragrance for a long time and i have to say by far my Must-have perfume. It smells like roses and it is such a pleasant scent. It last for hours, which i love cause i can't stand "light" scents, and come on.. who doesn't like the smell of roses. So this gets a bagillion, gazillion stars from me :D

Carmela T.

smell it at a try book luv it ever since it last all day and its very powerful sent wen i wear it i feel sexy and ready to play

Tiffany R.

This is one of my all time favorite fragrances. I was shopping in Las Vegas and stopped by a Chloé store to look around. I spritzed some of this on my wrist and immediately loved it! It's the perfect combination of fragrances for someone who doesn't like a perfume that is too sweet smelling.

Rebecca B.

This is my favorite perfume EVER!!!! The scent is a classic rose that last all day! A few sprays and I smell amazing throughout an entire summer day, it's very strong. I love my floral perfumes! <3

Dwayna M.

I get so many compliments when I wear this!!! Its a very clean and refreshing smell. I wear the year around and I also wear the lotion on lighter days when i and going to just be around the house.