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Favorite concealer at the moment

I love it! Very natural coverage and satin finish, it doesn't move very much during the day. It's very lightweight and comfortable and photographs very well too! I use shade 3 in the summer and 2 in the winter.

Update, new formula

This has been my absolute favorite highlighter. Sadly Kevyn Aucoin changer the formula of one of them iconic products!! WHY? Now it's dry, powdery and doesn't reflect the light very much. So disappointed.

I love how it evens the tone without adding texture to the skin. It looks beautiful in pictures and lasts so well during the day (I use Kryolan translucent powder which is very good at keeping the foundation in place).

For me the natural coverage is a plus. I don't like to add coverage to the whole face, I just use this kind of foundations to even the skin tone and then I apply coverage with another product just where its needed.

I'm 3 in the winter (MAC F&B C2) and 6 in the summer. 6 is a very versatile shade! It matches tanned skins so well.

Incredibly soft

This is the softest brush I own, seriously! It's amazing to the touch, and multipurpose, I use it with setting powder & highlighter and to set the under eye area, but you can use it for everything due to its size and shape. I need another one!

All over powder

I love this powder! Doesn't look like powder at all and I love the fact I can use it in every skin tone.

  • C3
My everyday foundation

I use this foundation daily since I can't remember. I love the dewy look and how it lasts ALL day on the skin. And I also love the fact that I can mix this foundation with EVERYTHING! It makes any foundation just better, it gives that "skin look" to some foundations like may look a little powdery on its own. It's a staple in my kit and I couldn't live without it.

Best highlighter ever

I think everything Kevyn did in his career was great, and his makeup line could not be less. I own this product like 7 years ago and I've never found a better one. It gives the most beautiful and natural glow to the skin, it looks so soft, no glittery effect, this product really melts with your skin. I love to use it for brides. Every time I use it on them they ask which product it is because they love it :)

Amazing brush for blush!

I LOVE this brush. It's incredibly soft. It blends the blush like a dream, even the most pigmented ones! They become so easy to use with this brush. I also love it to powder the T zone and to highlight the cheekbones. It's so soft that you can barely feel it, it delivers a super soft and delicate finish to the skin. I recommend it 10000%! And I think it really has a good price (29$).

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