Beauty Product Reviews


This seriously wakes me up in seconds! I love the citrusy smell it leaves on my skin and if you want you can put some in your hair itll last longer!! oh geez it's amazing


This conditioner is amazing! I love the smell of it so much, and I love how it's only three minute wait. I used a Redkin deep repair deep conditioner but didn't want to wait the 15 minutes. So i switched over to this and read the hype on it, but It's no hype I tell you. It's amazing. It leaves your hair feeling so smooth ans silky. If you have naturally wavy/slightly curly hair like I do, itll make really nice soft curls bouncier. If you have straight hair, or if you straighten it, your hair will be suuuuper soft! It's amazing hands down the best conditioner that costs under 5 buxs

A great Soap!

This is a really great soap, it's one of those scents tho that can get a bit old if you smell it every day! I bought a huge chunk of it thinking that I was going to use it all, but after a while I got sick of the smell, so I had to change it up. I love the smell do not get me wrong, but I think with every product sometimes the smell isn't amazing afterwards! This soap makes me feel so clean tho, which a soap should do, yay!

Love the Pink one!

I carry this one everywhere! It smells soooo good. It's cute too like a little pink pebble. I love that i can have it in my back pocket in my jeans and it sort of curves with my ...ehem.. and i can't even feel it's with me! It smells the lotion makes my hand sooo smooth. it's amazing