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  • Inspiration: Beauty and the Beast

    Inspiration: Beauty and the Beast

    Excited to see Disney's classic film on the big screen again? Before you hit the theater, check out fun ways you can incorporate the tale as old as time into your beauty look.

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  • Metallics For Every Skin Tone
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    Metallics For Every Skin Tone

    Looking for a way to add some glitz and glamour to your look this season? Metallic eye shadow is a great way to make your eyes pop without a bold color or set of false lashes. From icy silver to burnished bronze, there’s a shimmery shade that works for every skin tone!

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  • Body By Kit: Is Too Much Protein Making You Fat?

    Body By Kit: Is Too Much Protein Making You Fat?

    Do you exercise and watch what you eat, only to find that you can never lose those last seven pounds? Fitness expert Kit Rich weighs in on why your high protein, low carb diet may be to blame and explains why too much diet can make you pack on the pounds instead of helping you lose them.

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  • New Year, New You

    New Year, New You

    Feeling bored with your usual makeup routine? January means a new and more exciting you! Experimenting with fresh eye shadow and lipstick combinations is a great way to find a fresh look. Keep reading for three of our favorite pairings.

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  • Sci-Fi Beauty Products We Wish Existed

    Sci-Fi Beauty Products We Wish Existed

    We’re always on the hunt for state-of-the-art products, but sometimes the best beauty solutions haven’t been invented yet! Read which sci-fi beauty breakthroughs we hope will become a reality soon.

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  • 4 Tips for Flawless New Year's Makeup

    4 Tips for Flawless New Year's Makeup

    Ready for the ball to drop? 2012 is just around the corner, and there’s no doubt you’ll be putting on your prettiest face to celebrate the occasion! Chanel celebrity makeup artist Kate Lee shares her tips for party makeup perfection.

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