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  • Body By Kit: How To Whip That Core Into Shape

    Body By Kit: How To Whip That Core Into Shape

    Has your muffin top gone from cute to out-of-control? Beautylish fitness expert Kit Rich shares her tips for trimming your waistline. Even the most stubborn stomach fat is no match for Kit's eating and exercise advice!

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  • Loathe or Love: Geometric Beauty
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    Loathe or Love: Geometric Beauty

    Do you ever think of your makeup and hair in terms of circles, squares, and triangles? Keep reading to find out how math and beauty go hand-in-hand and tell us if geometric shapes inspire your beauty routine!

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  • The Truth About Face Masks

    The Truth About Face Masks

    Love face masks and facials but wonder why the professionals charge so much for something you could do yourself? We spoke with the experts to find out mask your skin type really needs, and how you can recreate the perfect facial at home.

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  • The Lazy Girl's Updo

    The Lazy Girl's Updo

    Do you like sporting a loose, looped ponytail? Good news: the bedhead updo is becoming a major mane trend! Celebrity hairstylist Jenny Cho shares her tips on how to achieve the messy-chic style.

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  • Nail Art: Dazzling or Damaging?

    Nail Art: Dazzling or Damaging?

    With every color, finish, and design at our fingertips, are we over-abusing our nails with art? Keep reading to see why it might be a good idea to put down the polish from time to time.

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  • How Often Should You Condition Your Hair?

    How Often Should You Condition Your Hair?

    Moisture is essential to your hair's health but how do you know when you've had too much of a good thing? Keep reading to discover when you've reached the hydration limit of your locks and learn best ways to avoid over-conditioning your mane.

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  • Should You Color-Correct Your Lips?
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    Should You Color-Correct Your Lips?

    You’ve heard of color-correcting dark circles and blemishes, but what about your pout? Keep reading to discover which unexpected lip colors you should try next.

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  • What’s Trending Now in Online Beauty

    What’s Trending Now in Online Beauty

    With all the time spent watching videos, reviewing products, and chatting online, we learned some interesting things about our amazing beauty community last year! Keep reading to see how your Beautylish beauty behavior affected our stats.

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  • Rainbow Eye Liner Tutorial

    Rainbow Eye Liner Tutorial

    Rainbow bright! We were so inspired by the colorful trend, we decided to re-create the multi-hued liner you all loved so much. Keep reading for a step-by-step tutorial on this vibrant look!

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  • So You Want a Career in Beauty? Part 3

    So You Want a Career in Beauty? Part 3

    You read Beautylish religiously and love everything about beauty, so what's stopping you from starting a career in your favorite industry? In part three of our four-part series, meet even more seasoned industry pros and discover your career calling in the beauty biz!

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