Beauty Product Reviews

commit to beautiful skin

in my previous review regrding the regenerating serum; i alternate nights with that product and the concentrate. la mer has healthy and youthful looking skin mastered to a science. worth every penny!

fountain of youth

i mean it when i say...FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH! i use the serum at night to restore and repair the days wear and tear on my skin followed by the eye balm. again at $450 worth every penny!

nothing else compares

the history of le mer is what makes it so fascinating. this creme was designed to heal, restore, repair, and rejuvenate skin. worth every penny! and remember, your makeup will only look as good as the face it is on. makeup starts with skincare!

beauty is a luxury

please do not insult this product by calling it a "face scrub." i mean it has 2 carats worth of diamond ppowder in it. le mer is the skincare i swear by tried and true.

How a man should smell

A former lover used to wear this. I loved it so much i bought it for myself. I wear it everynow and again just before bed to put me to sleep ;)

Another must have for you kit!

Great hydrator for all skin type. I use before moisturizer application. It serves as a quick fix too if you happen to powder a little too much. Just spray a pump or 2 and let it settle...fin!

A must have for your Kit in every shade!

Just take your finger and feel the texture of this product. It is soft, fine and airy. The particles are round and micro therefore, with each application flawless! I use this for my Brides, photoshoots, on myself everyday. Try it I am sure you will love it.

Matte texture beautiful pinky-plum

I have many shades of NARS blushes but this is one of my most recent purchases andi absolutely love it. The pigment is more than enough for darker skintones and looks just as great one lighter skintones. I use this with Deep Throat as a highlight and get sooooo many compliments each time i wear it. <3