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Crystal D.
So Pretty

I purchased Mata Hari a few weeks ago and I am in love. It is a beautiful pinkish / plum shade that really looks good on the palest to darkest of skin. On myself it leaves me with a cute flirty look and doesn't give that ashy, powdery look that some lighter coloured blushes would leave on a darker skin tone. Just one swipe of the brush and you are all set and headed out the door. Nars rarely disappoints me!

Sam A.

I have Mata Hari and Deep Throat, but Mata Hari is definitely my favorite. I use it nearly everyday and I barely have to tap my brush in it once or twice to get more than enough color. The price may be a little high but with pigmentation like that this is gonna last me a LONG time!

Sarah H.
Excellent Pigment

I love NARS blushes because their pigment is so rich and you really don't need a lot of product to get a great look. Orgasm is a universal shade that looks great on all skin tones. My personal fav is Mata Hari. It's a nice plum shade that looks great on olive/dark skin.

Natasha B.
Matte texture beautiful pinky-plum

I have many shades of NARS blushes but this is one of my most recent purchases andi absolutely love it. The pigment is more than enough for darker skintones and looks just as great one lighter skintones. I use this with Deep Throat as a highlight and get sooooo many compliments each time i wear it. <3

Sara O.
Use with caution

When the hot pink cheeks trend jumped on board about two years ago, I ordered this one. It doesn't have shimmer and can get splotchy. It also requires a VERY light hand. I can't see it working on people with olive undertones or who are porcelain white without looking a bit weird.